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We also picked out a few special stickers, crayons and coloring books to use for rewards during our intensive potty training day.
Decide which kind of potty you would like to train your tot to use and make sure you have what you need before you climb aboard the potty train! An important part of potty training is teaching our kids how to use the bathroom on their own.
Make sure you have some sort of timer to help remind you to take your tot to the potty on a regular basis. Decide how you want to handle nap time and bed time - undies, training pants, pull-ups or diapers and stock up on any necessary supplies.
When it comes to keeping your sanity, it is important to remind yourself that there is a 99% chance that your (healthy, developing) child will be potty trained by kindergarten without you even having to do anything.
Recruit older siblings (or even cousins, friends, and neighbors) to help in your potty training endeavor!
When potty-training, it is really important that you are at home for the first few days.  They need to be close to the potty at all times.  Clear your schedule of all activities out of the home–it will only be temporary! The cloth training pants have a thickened center, making accidents MUCH more manageable.  Plus, they don’t have the super-tight elastic that leave marks on your child’s skin. Reward your child each time he uses the potty!  Jump up and down in excitement, make a sticker chart, or give bits of candy.  Whatever it takes to motivate!

You want your child to be as full of fluids as possible so that they will go to the bathroom more those first couple of days.
When you don’t have access to a child-sized potty chair, put the boys backwards on the regular potty.
As moms, we all have issues that can drive us crazy…in addition to potty training, getting my kids to eat veggies [5] is another one that is a struggle in our house! The most successful potty training methods consist of four key elements: Confinement, Training, Timing, and Praise. We've matched the best dog breeds to each sign based on personality, whether you're a peace-loving Pisces or a passionate Scorpio.
These ex-Disney stars haven't done much work in acting since their time on the network ended.
These celebrities have all played straight characters, even though they aren't straight themselves. A lot of celebs have brothers and sisters, but only a few have smoking hot siblings like these! Tia Mowry-Hardrict seems to have mastered the trick every mother dreams of: potty training.
But then Frozen found its way into her household and Mowry-Hardrict, 36, was singing a different tune.

80s Pop Star Tiffany and New Kids On The Block Singer Jonathan Knight Reunite – See the Cute Pic! I let Cupcake pick out some donuts, candy and juice - things she would consider an extra special reward.
Providing some helpful reading material is another way to educate them on proper potty usage.
Pick whichever cleaning supplies you prefer for the inevitable accidents your tot will experience.
Most dogs do not want to eliminate where they live, therefore the confined space needs to be just large enough for the puppy to turn around and lay down. When it was being promoted and initially released, the trailer focused not just on Anna and Elsa but equally on Christoph and Olaf.
Hopefully, your experience will be similar to ours with only a couple of accidents that first day of intensive potty training!
I took my son to see it and although we both enjoyed it, he said it was too much princess and singing.

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