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Well this is an age-old method told to me by my Amma , which she had used on her three kids including me :). I liked this idea a lot and potty training in a right way including washing their hands were taught there in that daycare.
This can be applied to toddlers who could communicate or signal when they have the urge to do potty or urinate. I was extremely nervous when I started potty training because I had no idea what to expect. I do have to say that after the first day of potty training Connor was doing pretty well, but I expected the process to be completely different! By the 4th day of potty training, when I had just aboutA  had enough cleaning up accidents and being in the bathroom 90% of my day, it was like a light switch went off in his head and he just got it.
After reading a plethora of blogs, books, tips and everything else about potty training I formulated my own plan and decided to just go with it.
Yeah every child diffrent an as a single mother of five 4 girls an 1boy, girls are definitely easier.
A list of books (and videos) that parents of blind & visually impaired children should read (and watch).
LeAndra Lee writes about her daughter's Circadian Rhythm Disorder (CRD), also called Non-24 Disorder. All your questions about Leber's Congenital Amaurosis (LCA) are answered here in one place. Potty training a child is difficult under any circumstances, but when your child has special needs you will need to take their abilities and delays into consideration before you can begin potty training.
This may at first seem like a daunting task and I'm sure you're starting to worry that your child will never move out of diapers, but if you take your time and prepare your child you can achieve potty training success! The first step in potty training is to familiarize yourself with the basics behind the task.
When you've got those basic concepts down (and I'm sure you're already aware of which tactics will work for your special child and which won't), you'll be ready to decide if your child is ready to begin potty training. There are a few signs that will let you know that your child is physically ready for potty training. For normally developing children this will usually happen between the ages of two and slightly after their third birthday.
But it's important to remember that children with special needs move at their own pace and forcing potty training on a child who just isn't developmentally ready will not only be a waste of time, it will also be a horrible experience for both you and your child.
Of course, not all kids will be able to do all of these things, but you should have a good feel that your child is on the right track developmentally to handle potty training.
One of the biggest difficulties in teaching a special needs child to use the toilet is probably communication. Use tangible symbols.If your child doesn't have the coordination for signs, you may want to try using tangible symbols.
Good luck with your potty training and remember that this is an adventure for both you and your child.
If you could go back in time to when your child was first diagnosed with a disability, what would you tell yourself?
I recently asked this question to a group of special needs moms: "If you had a magic wand that could 'cure' your child's disability, would you use it?
MaryAnne Roberto - MaryAnne Roberto shares her story of adopting two boys who are blind through Bethel China. My third child, Carson was my easiest to train although my first child, Danika was also a breeze.
Start your week with a very important (and very played up) trip to town to pick out big kid undies.
My kids weren’t ready to potty train that young, so when they turned 3 and were ready, they were easy to train. Ugh I am dreading the last one too but since he is only 4 months old I’ve got some time before I have to tackle it again! No potty training experience here but it seems like those are pretty great tips to keep in mind!
But according to experts the right age for potty training  girls is from 29 months and 31 months for boys. Plus the bed sheets or clothes are not spoiled ?? Imagine there were no diapers at that time , and this method could have helped them a lot.

Her life revolves around diapers, laptop and kitchen these days as she is mastering the art of multi-tasking . She trained in pee in the bathroom but she is crying when i take her to a bathroom for a potty.
When she is not blogging, she can be found glued to Bollywood gossip shows or asking her hubby if she is fat for the 'n'th time. I have recently been getting asked my potty training process and how I was able to get Connor to be potty trained within a few days.
I seriously obsessed over how quickly some people were able to potty train their children and wondered how because it seems like such a complex task for them to learn. Share this with them and please share your potty training tips and tricks with us in the comments below we would love to hear them!! Frugal Fanatic is her place to share practical ways to save money, make money and tips for everyday life.
After my oldest, I honestly didn’t try potty training until my kids told me they wanted to try.
We've listed only the best of the best here so you can read the important books and then get on with the important task of raising your blind child. If you're trying to get an iPad for your blind or disabled child, but need help raising money for one, here are five ways to get funding. You may want to begin by reading our article on Potty Training for general parenting concerns. For example, you may notice that your child's diaper stays dry for about two hours at a time during the day, their bowel movements come at regular times, and (usually) they stay dry through the night. If you feel your child is both physically and developmentally ready to begin potty training, then it's time to get started! Note in a notebook or on a chart when your child urinates or has a bowel movement through out the day. A hydrated child will need to use the potty more often and will have a better concept of when their bladder is full. Rather than working on potty training in a small potty seat that sits on the floor, try to get your child on the real toilet as soon as you can. If your child is not using a small potty on the floor, make sure their feet are not dangling from the big toilet. If your child is physically ready and for the most part developmentally ready, but they can't verbally tell you when they need to use the potty, then how will you ever know? Keep these symbols handy so your child can communicate their need to use the potty by simply touching the symbol. It won't be easy and there will be a lot of accidents along the way, but the reward sure is worth it!
Give your child their favorite juice (I water it down a little to cut down on the sugar) and let them drink lots.
To each their own but I found that a chocolate chip for each successful pee pee in the potty (and 2 chocolate chips for going poo poo in the potty) worked wonders. It has been a long time since I had to potty train, I really don’t miss those days at all! A toddler (1.5 yrs starting) can easily sit on it without any support , flush once the task is done and clean their hands in the baby friendly wash basins as well. The first day he had a total of 3 accidents and we went through lots of underwear because he hated feeling the a€?dripsa€? as he would call them in his underwear.
I had read and heard of other peoplea€™s potty training experiences and was told that they all of a sudden just get it but I honestly did not believe it. Since he is my first child everyone and their mother had told me tons of horrible stories from their own experiences with potty training their children. I am sure you have heard about people potty training their kids in 1 day and other people taking months.
Find out how you can make money shopping online or how to start a blog to start earning cash from home now! With my niece she loved looking in a mirror and making silly faces, so they had a special handheld mirror she could only play with while sitting on the potty. I’m going to have to reread and keep rereading and see if I can get some of your tips to work! When you begin potty training you'll have a good idea of how often your child will need to go and when.

If you can, get them to help you with their diaper changes and describe everything you are doing so that they are very aware of the process.
Let them touch the toilet (I know, it's yucky, but if your child is visually impaired they need to know what their up against!) and hear it flush. This will keep both you and your child aware of the potty and it will take the pressure off of you.
You want your child to be as aware as possible of the discomfort of being wet so that they can learn to use the potty before an accident happens.
This will help them understand where they are heading (your goal is to get them on that toilet eventually anyway, isn't it?) and will solidify the concept of "toilet" for them.
It may be hard for your child to balance on the toilet, especially if they can't see, so give them as much physical support as possible.
Trying to anticipate their needs without communication would be difficult at best and most certainly would lead to quite a few unintended accidents. When it was time to start potty training he still wasn't using much functional language and he couldn't walk to the potty himself, but since he could sign when his diaper needed changing we knew we could work with that little bit of language to help him tell us when he needed to go. Start at short intervals (think every 5-10 minutes) and then get longer as they start to get the idea.
I thought it was a fluke with the first but then her sisters came along and bam they were just the same.
However when my Amma came here , she focused on how to potty train babies the right way and from the start , something I missed out on . The tip I give to mums is that the earlier you start potty training the faster they get used to.
Everyone had scared me and told me to wait until after he was 3 to even start thinking about it. One tip that stuck with me was from a good friend of mine, she had just finished potty training her daughter and said that instead of focusing on actually going to the bathroom they rewarded her for keeping her underwear clean and dry.
You can even set up a tactile chart using glue to draw small squares and fuzzy stickers so your child can see how many times they've used the potty successfully. Most bathrooms have tile in them somewhere and the tile will feel reminiscent of the toilet itself.
I’d rather change diapers than potty train but after potty training three kids I can tell you that after that initial leap into using the potty it is SO. I have very vivid memories of telling him on multiple occasions that we were done with diapers and I wouldn’t be putting them on him anymore only to give in two days later throwing the underwear in the air and relenting with a huff. Just keep a light attitude and reflect on how funny it will be later ?? Your child will thrive off of your great attitude or alternatively they will pick up on your negative attitude so remember that!
I absolutely loved this idea because I did not want my son to become discouraged with the potty training process if he did not immediately go on the potty.
Some kids really love washing their hands in the sink and this in itself can become a fun reward for using the potty. I know my grandchildren won’t out of convenience and they should take advantage ?? I loved your tips. I did not have to consistently tell him to pee or go on the potty over and over again by the 4th day.
Buy the books, DVD’s and a fun potty and let them test the waters before you go all out potty training. That week or so of struggling and fighting and giving up everything in your world in order to focus on the throne is worth it in the end so hang in there my exhausted friends. Begging, pleading, bribing, all things we normally wouldn’t do but will bow to in the name of our child going on the potty.
It really got me thinking about how I wanted to potty train and wow was I clueless when I first started thinking about it!!
Now, dona€™t get me wrong we still have some accidents but the majority of them have been when he just didna€™t make it in time to the toilet.

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