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As you increase your bunny’s supervised exercise time, you will want to make sure that she has access to one (or more) litter boxes (besides the one in her cage) in her exercise area. When bonding a new couple or introducing a new animal, your rabbit’s litter box habits will fall be the way side until he feels order has been restored to his life. If your rabbit is having prolonged problems achieving good litter box habits or has previously had excellent habits that have diminished, there are some factors to consider. The size of the litter box should be determined by the size of the bunny as well as by the size of the pen or cage. Since bunnies spend a lot of time in their litterboxes, finding a safe litter is important. Horse Stall Bedding pellets (compressed softwood) or Woodstove Pellets (compressed hardwood). Products made from recycled, shredded or compressed newspaper, such as Yesterday’s News or Carefresh, are an excellent choice.
Cedar and pine wood shavings do not control odours well, and may lead to liver damage or respiratory problems. CatWorks Litter (by the makers of CareFresh) contains zinc oxide, which may cause zinc poisioning if ingested.

Do not use any litter that your rabbit enjoys feasting on (with the exception of hay over top of newspaper). Caitlin Lewis from the Humane Society of Greater Dayton discusses exactly how to train or re-train your cat to use a litter box in order to prevent house soiling. Even a spayed or neutered bun will become looser with their litter box habits until they’ve settled in.
Gradually increase your bunny’s freedom, after she is using the litter box regularly. When your rabbit becomes more comfortable with you and her environment, and with maturity, her habits will improve.
Has his environment changed or a stress factor, like new animals, people, furniture etc, been added? Keeping a close eye on a newly exploring bunny will help prevent accidents before they happen.
Simply wash the litter box with white vinegar and rinse with water to neutralize the odour. Many buns like to be able to stretch out in their litter boxes, so as they grow the box will need to grow, too.

If you choose this option, the litterbox will need to be cleaned every day to prevent odours.
If not, you can try to convince her to change her mind by putting the box in her choice spot, and gradually moving it until it is where you would like. Always praise your bunny for a job well done and never scolded or hit your bunny because she had an accident.
If your bunny is kicking litter out of the box or urinating over the edge of the box, try a hooded cat-type litter box.
Sometimes, however, it is easier to oblige a stubborn bunny than to try to change a chosen litter box spot. Rabbit urine has a strong odour due to it’s high alkaline level, and controlling the smell will make both you and the rabbit much happier.
After your bunny is using the litter box regularly, you can decrease the number of litter boxes she has access to until you have one box in her cage and one box in her exercise area.

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