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Education secretary Michael Gove's nine-year-old daughter has been withdrawn from her ballet classes over fears she was becoming worried about her weight.
First, you have to talk about itSome parents think that the less said the better but there is no barrier to talking about things with your child, says Andrew Hill, professor of medical psychology at the University of Leeds's institute of health sciences.
A parent should not overreact if a child asks them whether they are fat, says Paul Gately, professor of exercise and obesity at Leeds Metropolitan University. With child obesity on the rise, parents who have concerns that their child might be overweight could prepare in advance for the conversation that will inevitably come, says Gately, who runs weight management services in partnerships with local authorities.
Deflect the issue"We are hearing of younger and younger children being conscious of their body image," says Mary George of charity Beat.
Last September, the start of the new school year was greeted with reports of a dramatic rise in demand for extra-large uniforms for primary school pupils.
Her son also struggled to find a uniform big enough at secondary school as his weight crept up to nearly 20 stone (127kg). A search for an EgyptAir plane with 66 people on board that disappeared over the Mediterranean intensifies at it enters a second day.

Her two nieces were wearing size 14 skirts by the age of 11, the average size worn by a grown woman in the UK. Times columnist Sarah Vine, who is married to England's education secretary, revealed this week that their daughter refused to eat on the day of her ballet classes and insisted on wearing a smaller leotard.The self-consciousness of a pre-teen is something many parents are only too aware of and the dreaded question of "Am I too fat?" can leave many lost for words. Emphasise the entire family's eating and exercise habits and commit to change - but not dramatic ones, says Gately.Bringing up the weight issueIs it wrong to broach the issue if a child doesn't bring it up first?
But their reaction might cause a child to think "what have I unleashed?" says Gately.Many parents, he says, will "stick their heads in the sand" or tell a child there isn't a problem. Fears that focusing attention on a child's size might make them overly self-conscious, cause them to obsess about their appearance, or even lead to an eating disorder may cause parents to shy away from the topic. But, he says, if there is a problem, the child will get teased in school and end up mistrusting the parent.
A husband shouldn't say negative things about their wife's weight, and vice versa."Parents must be careful not to be critical of their own weight or that of others, says George. There is no single strategy, but there are "common sense" ways to deal with such a touchy issue.

Is it something the child has seen on TV, or has someone said something at school - maybe something subtle but hurtful. If concerns persist, talk to a teacher or GP."Mary George from eating disorder charity Beat says that if a parent is worried about a child eating too much or, at the other end of the scale, too little, then seek advice from a GP or nurse. These concerns are often symptoms of other events - sort these out and the other behaviour will likely moderate itself."A child's weight concerns, he says, often fluctuate and can be temporary.
If parents are worried this might have an effect on a child's self-esteem, "there are ways around it - say the whole family is going for a general check-up". The most rapid change for a girl's body is growth associated with puberty and there could be massive differences within a single class.

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