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When my son started talking, walking and growing I was quick to pick up the educational toys and books to help teach him shapes, colors and the alphabet.
I have found that too often the opportunity is missed to teach our children one thing that is rather essential, financial literacy.
Take the time to explain where money or income comes from in your household and how several adults have jobs in order to earn money. ACTIVITY: When you are at home or go on an outing, ask them to name some items they think cost money and, depending on the age, you can even have them guess how much. GIVE: Why is it important to give? My parents taught me to give as a child by teaching me to pay tithing at church. Smart Money Smart Kids In this book Dave Ramsey and his daughter Rachel Cruze teach the important money principles of work, spend, save, and give.
Whether your children are two or twelve, you can help them have a better understanding of money. PS I have a few friends over at the Dave Ramsey office and I bet they would love to give away a few copies of this book. I have five kids ages 2-13 and have wanted to read his new book since it was released – thanks for the chance to get my hands on it!
This area of education is hardly addressed in the classroom and needs all the attention it can get.
Also I am going to choose a fab followers that comments on this post to win one of the copies! I was just talking to my spouse the other day about how we were going to teach our children about money.
I have always talked about the importance of saving money and prioritizing spending with my children. Frugal Mom Eh!Canadian Mommy Blogger sharing reviews, recipes, crafts and great parenting advice! In order to teach your kids about saving money, you need to give them a way to put money aside. Once your kids have their piggy banks, you can teach them about saving money by setting some goals. Although your children will love feeling their piggy banks getting heavier as they continue to work towards their savings goal, the piggy bank’s weight doesn’t account for dollar bills added to it. Teaching your kids about saving money is one of the most important things you can do for them.
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3.Once your dog chases after it, hold a treat over his toy basket, and call him back to you. 4.If he drops the toy before returning, remove the treat from his sight, and command him to fetch the toy. 5.It may take a while for your dog to get the hang of this, and it is much easier if he already knows how to fetch.
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Think about your own experience with money as a child and how it has affected your financial decisions as an adult.
In order for children to understand the value of money, they must first recognize where it comes from. It may also benefit your child to talk about hourly wages or salary. Talking to your children about how money is earned may even spark their interest in how they can earn their own money.
Another important step in teaching our children about money is talking to them about how it is used. Wants You may have experienced or witnessed a severe tantrum of a child at the store because they were told that they could not get something that they desperately wanted. It’s important for them to know that we must prioritize the things we need before considering the things we want. Dave Ramsey really cemented the significance of this principle in my mind when I went to his Legacy Journey course.
Teaching our children the essentials of money at an early age will help empower them and set them up to be successful adults. Continue to take opportunities to teach your children, whether it be by playing a game or creating a visual chart. My oldest is 19 and youngest is 9 but it’s not too late to read this book and get started. My youngest is almost 3 and I’m sure we could start doing some things to teach her about the value of money! I have read many of his books and would love to have Smart Money Smart Kids to be able to teach my kids. Our friends over at the Dave Ramsey office have agreed to give away 5 copies of Smart Money Smart Kids. I would love a chance to win this book and find new, creative ways to teach my girls about being good stewards of their money. We have 3 boys (1, 5, and 10) a copy of dave ramseys book would greatly help us put our boys on the right track. My husband an I did not do to well with our older two kids on teaching about money, saving an giving! This read a breath of fresh air an I have taking a few of Dave Ramsey’s class would love to read the book he an his daughter did together. Be a wise steward of your money, paying all of your bills on time and putting money aside for emergencies and savings. If your kids are adding dollars to their banks, you can help them visualize the money they’re setting aside with a savings chart. This financial skill will follow your kids throughout their lives, allowing them to successful manage their finances. Once he returns to you with the toy in his mouth, hold the treat directly over the toy box, and command your dog to release the toy.
Hold the treat over the box by extending your arm, and work up to simply pointing towards the box. We do our best to keep this blog upbeat and encouraging, so please keep your comments cordial and kind.

Teaching our children about money and savings at an early age may help them significantly in their future. Many might believe that money grows on trees, magically is produced from your wallet or appears after punching a few buttons on the ATM.
We can help them by explaining the different reasons why we save. Unforeseen circumstances, future purchases of wants or needs, college and vacations are all common reasons for saving. It was a long time ago that I took a Dave Ramsey class, but that saying is etched in my brain. You help them practice the sport they want to play and give them lessons on their favourite instrument.
This will show your children what it looks like to be responsible with your money and will give them an example to strive towards.
Your children will love adding their money to their piggy bank and they’ll be rewarded as their bank gets heavier over time.
Each time your child adds money to their bank, they can colour in part of the savings chart. Sign up here to get daily emails that are rich with ideas featuring Amazon Deals, frugal, financial, and parenting tips, meal planning ideas, freezer meal cooking and more! Educating our children on how money is earned will not only help them understand the worth of money, but better appreciate it. The home we live in, the car that we ride in, the clothes on our backs, the shoes on our feet, the food and dishes on the table, the books that we read, the toys that we play with, the television that we watch and the internet that we use all cost money.
She just recently saved enough to buy a guinea pig and decided to tithe some to a boy we sponsor internationally.
Although there’s nothing wrong with doing these things, are you giving your kids the skills they need to be successful with their money? Once your kids know what they’d like to have, go online with them and show them the price of their item. A fun way to incorporate teaching children more about what money is used for is to make it into a game. If your child has a specific item they are hoping to purchase, help them come up with a plan. Now even if you do not believe in God I am sure you can see how it changes a persons attitude toward money when they choose to use it to help others. These tips will help you teach your kids about saving money so that they have the financial skills needed to be successful.
You can then use that amount as a savings goal, giving your kids something to work towards and be excited about.
It may be helpful to create a mini budget or chart so that they can visually see where they are at and how long it will take to reach their savings goal.
This can be by donating to any charitable organization or finding ways to help those in need.
Smart people know that when you give a charitable donation you also can claim a tax right off.

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