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By Jenn As our family works to learn Scripture together, there are a variety of methods we have used to help make the Bible verses stick. Mix up the puzzle pieces any way you like and have your child put them in the correct order. This Bible verse puzzle is just one of the activities from my Scripture memory ebook, God’s Word in My Heart! Here are some practical Christian principles to teach your child which come in free printable cards! I am so, so excited to deliver to you your Happy Freebie Monday issue as I am sharing printable cards which you can use in your family time. Before our children go to school and learn about evolution, I feel the importance of letting them understand  that God made the world and everything in it.
I love this verse, it’s is a great way to remind kids that God loves everybody hence they should treat their playmates, classmates,  friends and everyone else fairly and equally! What’s a better way to boost a child’s confidence than by letting her know how beautiful she is because she is  fearfully and wonderfully created by the best, by God! Because we all look differently, teaching kids that God made everyone in his image will make them all the more appreciate one another.
I believe that it’s important to let  the kids know that God loves them and has a plan for them so that as they grow and in times that they feel troubled, they would hold on to the promise that everything will be meaningful in the end. Don’t forget to cut the printed paper in the middle as each print out makes two lovely cards. William Lyon Phelps, the noted educator, once declared that a knowledge of the Bible without a college education is worth more than a college education without a knowledge of the Bible.

One of the best ways to train the child in the home is through the medium of a daily devotional. It only takes about five minutes after the family has finished the meal to read a brief selection from the Bible, make a few comments, select a choice verse for the entire family to repeat several times together, and close by having prayer. Children enjoy the thrilling stories of the Bible and they can be taught to memorize some of the great passages so easily. We offer some suggestions for preparing the lessons for home Bible study using the story of the Creation as a model. I created some puzzles in Publisher by adding a border around one or two words of the verse at a time.
I'm happily married to my college sweetheart, mother to four wonderfully spunky children and a woman who needs a whole lot of Jesus! Raising  kids who have Jesus in their hearts make beautiful and happy kids, I see that from people around me, I see that in my kid!
I hope that this teaching will let them understand that taunting and teasing other children who are different is not good!
It’s best if you use cardboard specialty papers so that they can serve as flash cards when teaching them to your kids. It’s also best that you get your bible and read it exactly as how it is written there. We would not in the least minimize the importance of setting the right example before the child by living daily the principles of truth taught in the Scriptures.
There is something sweet and sublime about a father, mother, and children sitting down together in the quiet of their home, reading the Bible and having prayer.

Several years ago on the television program "Know Your Bible" a panel of lawyers were asked Bible questions. Fleeting years of childhood will soon be gone forever and with them will go the opportunity of training your child in the Bible.
Each father and mother should figure out what time of day is the most logical for the family to have a devotional. Such devotionals build spiritual strength and draw the family closer to each other and to God.
I am also always thankful that God has anointed us to teach His teachings to our children who are is His children, too!
Fortunate indeed is the child whose parents realize the responsibility, the necessity, and the wonderful opportunity of teaching their children the Bible.
To build a faith in the child that is strong and to equip him to meet the temptations he shall surely face in life, we must teach him by word and deed the Bible. You will be giving him something that cannot be taken from him when you are gone, that will fortify his soul against the attacks of sin and Satan.
If the father works in the evening it may be that immediately following breakfast or lunch is the logical time. In the years ahead these minutes will constitute precious memories that will fortify the soul!

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