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Want to encourage your child to dig for bugs in the “mud” without getting muddy (or coming in contact with real bugs)?
I ran out of cream of tartar after 1 tablespoon, so I had to use vinegar to make up the difference.
Thanks for the fun recipe, since it was rainy and we couldn’t go outside this afternoon I whipped up a batch and my 4 year old son has been playing with it for the past two hours! Subscribe below for regular updates and a FREE copy of Seasonal Kids Activities and more great freebies!
While many parents have agreed that this book is a miracle worker, others are yet to be convinced.
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On this webpage, you will find some helpful fraction information, and printable resource cards. Where a digit is underlined, it means that the number has been rounded to 3 decimal places, or to the nearest 0.1%.

The first format is a color printable fraction information page showing the fraction in different representations.
All the free maths Fractions sheets in this section will help to teach your child how to learn fractions. We welcome any comments about our site or worksheets on the Facebook comments box at the bottom of every page. I wonder if having “mud” play-dough around the house will keep my middle kid from digging in the real mud? They had such a wonderful time and played with it for hours using various cookie cutters etc. Swedish behavioural scientist and author of The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep: A New Way Of Getting Children To Sleep, Carl-Johan Forssen Ehrlin, claims his book will help kids all over the world fall asleep at bedtime.
Roger the Rabbit tries to go to sleep with the help of Heavy-Eyed Owl, Uncle Yawn and the Sleep Snail. If your children have mastered the fine art of avoiding sleep, then we reckon a book that promises to put your child to sleep in just minutes is certainly worth a look.

Roger’s critter friends essentially teach him how to practice mediation and mindfulness as a way to fall asleep.
And, if you haven’t already tried this tactic of getting baby to sleep in under a minute, give it a shot too. Born and raised in Canada, she now lives in Cairns with her adorable children, naughty dog and cheeky cat who thinks he's a dog. This was the first time I made homemade playdough, why didn’t I try sooner – so easy!

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