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Blogs, and the internet as a whole, are typically a little slower on the weekends, and this is the perfect time to find new printable pages. Most resources highlighted will be free, but I’ll also post quality paid products on occasion. The Printables Blogging Community is unbelievably giving – a vast majority of printables online are free. This Piano Fingers Printable from Teaching Stars is a cute visual to help beginning piano students remember correct finger technique.

I’ve talked a couple of times about using Notebooking in our homeschool here at the Hill House. Maureen from Spell Outloud has a great selection of Ice Cream Printables for Toddlers and Preschoolers. This worksheet from Mama’s is a great starting place for first graders in identifying the subject part of a sentence. I'm Lauren, Wife and Mama to 4 kiddos ages 10 to 5, which we homeschool with a whole-heart approach.

I'm so glad you found your way here to Mama's, where you'll find lots of learning ideas for children and for moms, too.

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