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Singapore parenting magazine – theAsianparent helps Asian mothers and fathers raise happy and confident kids. Ignoring strangers or staying silent may not be the best way to teach our kids about "stranger danger". Teach your children how to protect themselves should they find themselves in a potentially dangerous situation. If a stranger asks your child to go away with them or to disobey you, or if he tries to touch your child inappropriately or if he makes your child feel uncomfortable in any way, teach your child the “No, go, yell, tell” method.
Your child should say NO, go and run away, yell as loud as he can, and tell a trusted adult about what happened. A known adult touches your child inappropriately or makes him feel bad or uncomfortable in any way.

Our children live in a digital age and, with this, comes dangers that parents can’t necessarily foresee, but are very real and very scary.
In January 2015, according to a Straits Times report, “31-year-old Yap Weng Wah admitted to preying on 31 victims aged between 11 and 15.” He had sexually groomed the boys after “friending” them on Facebook and either sodomised or had oral sex with 30 of the boys at various locations in Singapore. Online predators will often lie about their age and even gender to gain the trust of their victims. Sexual grooming, according to Parents Protect!, is when people who want to sexually harm children get close to them in order to gain their trust. Cooking, feeding, transporting, negotiating, writing – it’s all in a day’s work, liberally scattered with plenty of cuddles and kisses from all of my boys!
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At a raid of Yap’s Yishun flat, more than 2,000 sex videos were uncovered, including personal ones of him and young boys. And when they think they have gained the child’s trust (often through flattery and promises of gifts), they will do their best to isolate the child. But there are steps you can take to help protect your child against sexual grooming and online predators.

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