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It Would Take Years Of Training To Have Reflexes Such Advanced As The Reflexes From Internet Explorer. Smosh is the home of the best funny videos, games, photos, memes, blogs and galleries online. If all that isn't enough, our friends are serving you free movies in HD for your viewing pleasure. This is one of the harder questions that teen moms-to-be have and we thought we should help this pregnant teen so she didn’t feel alone.
I told my mom on the phone too actually… and I should have done it face to face, but I was scared of her reaction and afraid to see disappointment. Well, I missed my period for 2 months or so when my now ex-boyfriend noticed my stomach was a little bit bigger than usual. I remember feeling like my period was going to start (sore boobs, cramps, etc.) but it just never came. I was very athletic so it wasn’t uncommon for me to miss multiple periods in a row, I was 5 months pregnant when I passed out twice in one day so my mom took me to the doctor and that pee test in a cup came out positive.
These young moms have opened our eyes to so many different experiences when it comes to sharing the news of pregnancies with their families.
If anyone else has questions or life issues that they might need some support with, make sure you fill out our form to be anonymously featured on the next Talk it out Tuesday here. If you’re a young mom who’s sick of people judging you, want to meet other girls like yourself and are ready to Kick Ass in life.. I have the kind of problem that you're most likely to see in soap operas or Disney movies, which is kind of cheesy but not so amusing when it happens in real life: I'm secretly dating someone. My parents are vehemently opposed to homosexuality, and when I've tried approaching them about topics like this, they always say the same thing: that it's wrong and I should never think it's okay because that's an act against God. My boyfriend and I are both kind of bothered (to say the least) about the whole situation and I feel like I'm stuck.
Fun fact: if we gave out awards for Most Complicated and Sensitive Question Ever, this one would win, hands down. To begin with, you describe your secret sweetie as a transsexual male: someone who identifies as male, who prefers male pronouns, who is definitively male in every way except anatomically. So if you really feel that you must tell your parents you're dating, then perhaps you can give them the expurgated version: you're seeing someone, and that someone is a guy. And that goes double when revealing your relationship would mean, for all intents and purposes, coming out of the closet. Because you might not be gay, but you sound just as terrified as any kid who is, and who knows that an important part of his identity is anathema to the people who raised him. Kat Rosenfield is a writer, illustrator, advice columnist, YA author, and enthusiastic licker of that plastic liner that comes inside a box of Cheez-Its.

See the funniest YouTube videos, pictures and images online or chat with Smosh readers in our online forums. I definitely should have picked a different way to tell him, I texted him, and I regret it.
I decided to tell my mom I thought I could be pregnant and she bought me two tests and I took them in the bathroom early morning and showed her. We appreciate your honesty and your willingness to share with our pregnant young mommy-to-be! Also, as always, feel free to comment below if you want to share your story about how you broke the news to your family!
Seriously, y'all, my brain is currently making that bzzzzz fzzzzz noise that lightbulbs make right before the filament blows.
But if you can't, then you don't have much choice but to keep your relationship under the radar. Think of it as a decision you've made together: to date not in secret, but in private, for the sake of enjoying your relationship without bogging it down in a mire of labels and judgments and questions. And it's safe to say that this is about more than just having changed your views; falling for your boyfriend has taught you something important not just about what you think, but about who you are.
Visit B&N to buy and rent textbooks, and check out our award-winning tablets and ereaders, including Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK and NOOK GlowLight. Once we were set on keeping the baby no matter what, we sent in for a counselor conference at my school. Then I ate some cottage cheese with a pickle for the spoon, (it was so good) and out of nowhere I threw up! After fighting with her for about an hour, she promised me she would not tell my dad about the baby until I wanted to. Well, there's another thing too, something that my very strongly Catholic parents wouldn't like: he's a transsexual male. I feel like that could only end in being forbidden to see each other, and I'm not really for the Romeo-Juliet style running away type thing. I was mostly concerned for his parents’ reaction, but I knew my mom would be supportive because I saw how that was with my older sister.
When I told my parents I waited until my dad was out of town and just told my mom one on one and let her tell him. And if they find out that I've changed my view on that, I can't even imagine what they'll do to me. You don't have to disclose every crush or introduce every date for parental approval, and you certainly wouldn't be the first teenager in a same-sex (or same-sex-appearing) relationship to tell your folks that the guy (or girl) you're snogging on a daily basis is "just a good friend." In fact, that's a common practice for preserving any relationship, queer or otherwise, that might otherwise by squashed by disapproving parents. And if there's any chance that your health, safety, and happiness will be compromised by telling the truth, then wait until you're out of the house.

Looking back it might have been better to tell them together face to face but it allowed my dad time to get the right words before we spoke and he was very gentle and forgiving when we did speak by phone.
So then she went to work and me and my dad talked and he asked me if I had unprotected sex in the last month. He made my life a living hell my whole pregnancy but I already loved my baby so much, there was no giving up.
Your boyfriend might be biologically female, but he's a guy—and as long as he presents as one, there's no reason why your parents, or anyone else for that matter, need to be told otherwise.
If you love someone for good reasons, and your parents would hate him for stupid ones, then the obvious choice is to keep things under wraps.
She just kept telling me she didn’t want me to go through what she went through because she knew how hard it was.
They were happy to see a new life begin and offered any of help we needed, and the counselors even told us that it’s the best reaction they have seen from any parents whose teen told them that a baby is on the way.
The fears began to melt away when I knew they were there to help me through every step of the way. He started hitting and yelling and he told me if I didn’t get an abortion he would kick me out. The private details of what's in a person's pants aren't meant to be public knowledge, under any circumstances.
If I could go back and change how I told them, I would. No parent wants to see their teenager pregnant and struggling with that, so there is no EASY way to tell them. I told him if he was going to act this way he better not expect to be any part of this baby’s life.
I had to pee soooo bad, but I pretended like I didn’t to avoid taking the test because I was so terrified about the fact that she was going to find out I was having sex, and not the sole fact that I was pregnant! Now I have a new boyfriend and I work hard for a good life for myself and my daughter Cloudy Bell ??  #noregrets #thestruggleisworthit My advice would be to sit your family down and tell them with your boyfriend (if he’s around), firmly state that you are keeping your baby and that you would appreciate their support. She looked at the test and then we went out to eat and didn’t talk, but then we got in the car and we discussed my options. But just before I was actually going to give birth, he broke up with me and completely denied that she was his child. I decided immediately that I was going to keep the baby, and now almost 13 months later I have my beautiful 3 month old daughter Fiona Mae. If you’re pregnant, the best way to tell your parents is to sit down with them and be honest.

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