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But since I dona€™t work on that project anymore, I thought it would be a good idea to turn it into a LOLNEIN comic.
Since this is a different method than my previous animations I had to start from scratch (and I think it was worth it). When your cat is used to using the litter-bowl, start making a small (glass sized) hole in the middle, so the poop can fall in the toilet.

A empty lasagna bowl was used in the picture, but you can use whatever you have laying around, as long as it fits. Do not force your cat, this will have a negative effect and your cat will dislike the toilet seat. Increase the size of the hole day-by-day to adjust your cat to using the toilet without litter filling.

Just gently place the cat on the seat and let it see whether or not it wants to use the toilet-litter-bowl or not.

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