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I've never in my life submitted a review for a product but this sensor was a miracle to us. Our immediate "next step response" was to think of a way to incorporate our musical sensorinto childrens' underwear .. Through the "grapevine" many, many parents heard of our musical sensors and how well they were working in the kids Huggies or Pullups, and we decided to start selling our musical sensors separately ( while still trying to develop a musical training pant). About 2 years ago we finally got a "prototype" training pant ready to be "tested" by our list of parents who were waiting (over 700 parents on the list).
As a result of this unbelievable success, by just putting a sensor in their underwear, we havestopped trying to develop a "musical" training pant.

As soon as "moisture" (pee) touches the sensor surface, it begins to play "It's a Small World" Tune. For cloth diapers we suggest buying a package of the small "circular" Velcro-strips (most stationary stores have them). We feel very, very privileged in being able to help you toilet train your very special youngster .
Simply cut a "horizontal" slit in the outer plastic about 1" wide in the front portion of the pant (where it is most likely to get "wet") .
We recommend you consider buying 2 sensors, one for the underwear he is wearing, and the second one for his "spare" underwear all ready to go.

We are fully aware of the independence and freedom that toilet trained children bring to their quality of life (and their families quality of life).
It opens up a whole new world without the worries and restrictions that comes with NOT being toilet trained. The customers feedback can engage you a great of the value and uppercase satisfaction of the product.

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