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You can teach Chihuahuas many commands such as high five, rolling over, giving paw in addition to more common commands such as stay, down, sit and stand through a positive reward system.
Yes, Chihuahuas are cute and small, but do you know that they are dogs that are aggressive and stubborn in obeying verbal commands.
The first thing that you need to do when you train your cute little friend is to establish your leadership in the house. If you really want to train your Chihuahua, then you have to be the leader, and do not allow your dog to be in charge. A Chihuahua can easily get tired, but most still do not get exercise and mental stimulation. When learning to train your cute little friend, avoiding the instances for the dog to take control and giving him enough energy and mental stimulation will eliminate bad temper. On the other hand, many owners do not mind training their Chihuahua because they just assume that they will not get into trouble given the small size.

Whether you like it or not, but your Chihuahua always thinks that he is in control of the house and do what he wants to do if you tolerate him.
However, controlling your space is crucial when you are setting limitations and boundaries. These are the tips that you need to plant in your mind if you want to befriend your Chihuahua. Therefore, you should keep it as active as possible by taking it on walks among other energetic activities that you can get it to do. Do not respond to his barks or whines and establish the boundaries on what areas your dog is allowed enter. Chihuahuas are intelligent and highly motivated so this kind of reward system will go a long way in ensuring that the training kicks off and ends without much effort in-between. This pet is cute, cuddly and very friendly but it is also stubborn and therefore, a bit difficult to train.

This will ensure that your Chihuahua is able to know the right thing to do whenever you give it a command. If Chihuahuas are not socialized properly to other dogs, then it can lead to many aggression problems.
Both of them are less likely to injure the delicate neck and trachea of your Chihuahua than choke collars are.

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