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Deaf dogs are fairly common, but easily misunderstood.  A large portion of them end up in shelters and rescues because people simply don’t know how to train and work with them while taking into account their special needs. Deafness is often congenital in dogs.  But genetics can be difficult for some people to understand. The disorder is usually associated with pigmentation patterns, where the presence of white in the hair increases the likelihood of deafness.  Two known genes are the “merle” gene as seen in Collies, Dachshunds, Australian Shepherds and others and the “piebald” gene as seen in Bull Terriers, Bull Dogs, Great Danes and Dalmatians.
Most good breeders know not to breed these dog ( merle to merle).  However sometimes people who don’t research breeds end up breeding deaf dogs.
Owning and training a deaf dog takes extra patience and his learning will probably be a bit more delayed.  However, if trained with lots of patience and consistency deaf dogs can be just as rewarding if not more so than the average dog! Because a deaf dog cannot hear commands it is expected that these guys need to be kept on a leash and in a safe fenced environment. Make sure to buy your dog a tag with your name # and address and also a note saying the dog is deaf. Your dog is not going to learn voice commands or be able to understand tone of voice or verbal praise, although he will be quite adept at reading your facial signals and body language. Your dog will learn through hand signals, touch, vibration and the use of primary reinforcement like food treats. As a matter of fact if you do this incorrectly you will be teaching your dog to associate the vibration with something negative or scary. SLOWLY acclimate your dog to the stimulus adding food, visual praise (your smile) and petting and affection.  Soon this vibration will be like using your dog’s name to call him.  Never use this collar to punish or your dog will be leery of coming to you!
Other tricks of the trade or to understand that vibration of any kind is what you are going to need to get your dog’s attention; stomping on the floor and thumping on the wall can help your dog know when you want his attention. Again pair the thumping with treats, smiles, and affection once he understands that this means you want his attention he will come running to you as if you used his name!
As with hearing dogs, if your deaf dog ignores your page with the collar or the thumping on the floor, go to him and get him but do not continue to give a “command” that will eventually become meaningless! Once you have gotten his attention you can use hand signals to teach him the basics of “sit” “down” “stay” “come” and “heel”. Be consistent, patient and use the same signal each time.  You will find that most dogs learn quicker with hand signals than they do even with verbal commands! Once you have conquered the basics, you can add fun commands by using sign language and games to help him learn and explore in his environment!

Sometimes the safest place to do this is with a professional dog trainer or in a class environment so you can work with a non-confrontational dog that is well controlled.
Otherwise work in a park or somewhere where only one dog is at a time and convince your little dog that when other dogs are around she gets treats and praise for GOOD behavior!
Most people do not know that Boston Terriers come in three sizes, namely small, medium and large. The breeder , much to our horror, offered to change him for a hearing dog when he was diagnosed as being deaf.
Monty is a GS and Boerboel(A South African dog) mix and is the full tri colour of a GS with beautiful brown eyes. Please could i have help i have a Great Dane that i got as a rescue dog he is 18 months old. There is really no set dog sign language, you can invent any hand signals you like for your dog to read it doesn’t have to be sign language that is used by deaf people. This entry was posted in Training & Health and tagged Deaf Dog, Hand Signals, Sign Language. Whether deaf or otherwise, its so true that dogs are super-attuned to our body language and hand signals, perhaps even more than voice commands.
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You may have a deaf dog, just discovered that you dog is becoming deaf or you may be looking after someone else’s deaf dog. We explained that he was one of the family and had crept into our hearts and that we wouldn`t give him away for all the money in the world.
He is gentle, playful good with adults, children babies, puppies , other dogs, and loves travelling to new places. You lure the dog into the position you want, say and sign the command at the same time then reinforce that with a treat and lots of praise. Whatever signs you decide to use everyone involved in the training regime should agree on these and use the same signs consistently as not to confuse your dog. Moose definitely doesn’t need all of those, he just knows the basics, but now we have a few extras in our back pocket if needed I also love the idea of printing them to post to the fridge, Moose just got his own new nanny lol so it could be helpful for her and agree will always talk to my animals, deaf or otherwise!

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Regardless of the circumstances in which you now find yourself you will almost certainly experience some of the practical challenges in living with canine deafness.
It turned out one of these 2 puppies, (now 4 years old) rescued with his brother, is totally deaf. Lots of owners of deaf dogs, including myself still talk to their deaf dogs as it just feels like a natural thing to do.
This condition was brought to our attention by his brother who would always go and wake him up when it was feeding time and drag him along when we went out in the car- we thought they were being typical rough and tumble puppy brothers at the time! SHE IS VERY AGGRESSIVE AND WE ARE SCARED ONCE THE BABY GETS MOVING ABOUT SHE WILL GO AFTER THE BABY.
For example even if I took him out half an hour ago and he goes outside, then he may go again on the floor inside. I also believe that dogs may be able to read our facial expressions and they can definitely read our body language when we talk with the signs. In memory of my best friend and most loyal companion, Sabrina, I have written this book in the hope that other owners of deaf dogs can benefit from my own experiences of living with, training and caring for Sabrina throughout her life. WE HAVE HAD TRAINING FROM PET SMART BUT NOW WE NEED IN HOME TRAING , CAN YOU HELP PLEASE, WE ARE NOT WILLING TO LET GO OF OUR DEAF DOG.
When people joke that I talk to my deaf dog, I tell them that he reads lips and wait to see how long it takes for them to realize I’m kidding! The book is packed with useful, practical information and will help you to improve the quality of your deaf dog’s life Use hand signs with your dog Help you to avoid some of the pitfalls of living with canine deafness Avoid the most common communication errors between you and your deaf dog Ensure that others, especially children, know how to behave around your deaf dog. WHO TAKES CARE OF MENTALLY CHALLENGENED SENIORS SO I THINK THAT IS WHY GOD GAVE US A DEAF DOG.
He started turning vicious not just to all the other and any other dogs but to people as well, only excluding Monty and myself. BUT WE DID NOT KNOW SHE WAS DEAF WHEN WE GOT HER HOME UNTILL 3 MONTHS LATER SHE WASNT RESPONDING TO HER NAME OR SOUNDS IN THE HOUSE.

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