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Our grass pad for dogs gives you an alternative to late night and early morning walks, constant patio cleaning, and having your poor dog wait too long to go outside for a pee break.
We use only real natural dog potty grass that is farmed locally here in the Los Angeles area. This product is a clean, natural, and affordable way to manage your dog potty needs while living in an apartment in the city.
The grass pad for dogs is a fully self contained box that is filled with natural dog potty grass.
Real dog potty grass has the ability to absorb urine and odors naturally so you don’t have to worry about constant cleaning to avoid odors or mess.
When you use the grass pad for dogs to potty train your puppy you will be working with their natural instincts not against them.

If you answered yes to all or some of these questions you may find the Doggy and the City grass pad for dogs very helpful. With fake grass you have to constantly clean your grass pad to make sure that it doesn’t smell and that your dog is not stepping in his own urine. Some companies provide a fake synthetic grass indoor dog potty system that just does not work.
We designed the grass pad for dogs to assist dog owners that live in apartments or condos in the city. With our dog grass delivery service we deliver fresh new grass from the farm to your door every 7 -14 days depending on how much you need it. Dogs are confused by synthetic grass because it is so similar to other items in your home you have told them not to pee on.

We know life can get busy and sometimes it’s just not safe to walk your dog in the middle of the night. Since 2006 we have replace several fake grass dog potty systems each month with our natural grass pad for dogs.

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