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Most of the time, the worst chaos involved with litter box training, comes when we are not sure what to expect. In order to effectively train you kitty to use their new potty, with few challenges, you'll want to make sure you obtain a shallow litter pan, some organic kitty litter, plenty of news paper, garbage bags and a litter scooper. To overcome this challenge, I find that it is best to take your kitten and place them in the litter box regularly, even though it might not seem like they have to go. As your training sessions go on, you should definitely see your kitten becoming more comfortable with the litter box. The last thing you want to do, is deter your kitten (or any other cats in the house) from using the litter box, and the best way to do that, is to make sure you keep the litter box as clean as you can. We all love our dogs and, as we do with people, often show our affection by showering our precious pets with hugs. When it comes to the indoor-outdoor debate, many cat owners are wrought with guilt over keeping kitty cooped up inside. I met Jo back in 1997 while working as a network administrator at Rance Timber in Stutterheim, South Africa. When I started at Rance Timber, internet and email was non-existant and it was my job to get the company into the 20th Century.
Jo had just graduated and decided to move to Port Elizabeth where she had been offered a job, so we continued to email and chat on the phone whenever we could, but it soon dawned on me that my future was in Port Elizabeth, so I bid farewell to Rance Timber and moved to PE. After a year in Port Elizabeth I decided to make use of my ancestral visa and told Jo I wanted to vist the UK to work and travel.
We watched in total amazement at the biggest fireworks display, London had ever seen as we said "goodbye to the twentieth century" and welcomed in the Year 2000.
It was rather disappointing in a way that the year 2000 bug didn't cause havoc as most analysts were predicting.
On the 1st of May 2001, Jo and I tied the knot and got married in London and had our honeymoon in Paris.
October 2004, I am still working for Tower Hamlets and looking forward to the XP rollout, which is happening in December.
July 4th 2006 - After waiting almost six months, Jo and I officially become British Citizens. July 14th 2006 - My luck starts to change for the better and I finally land a fantastic permanent job in the city (sadly not with Tower Hamlets). Some of the 23 passengers (17 adults and 6 children) with the goat outside a minibus taxi that was stopped for overloading on Saturday morning. If you are having difficulty reading the text, you can now adjust the font size by making it bigger or smaller . If you are thinking about how long it takes to litter train a kitten, then the answer is a few days to a couple of weeks. Naming your new cat is a difficult and important decision a€” after all, he'll have to live with that moniker for the rest of his life, and so will you.
We culled our records and came up with the a current list of the 10 most popular cat names.
Although we're holding out for a kitten named Katniss (after the heroine of The Hunger Games, of course) a€” but Catniss might be more appropriate. It should come as no surprise that the number-one female cat name has Twilight mania to thank for its popularity.

This name may be simple to spell and say, but it's perfect for your regal and adventurous kitten. Disney's 1988 animated film Oliver & Company stars a tiny orange kitten named (what else?) Oliver, who joins a gang of streetwise canines in New York City. Just in case you forget which species of animal you share your home with, the name Kitty will be right there to remind you.
We'd like to think that this moniker owes its popularity to the hilarious YouTube video "Charlie Bit My Finger," but it's impossible to say for sure! We're warning you now: If you name your cat Chloe, she may demand holiday gifts from her namesake, the luxurious fashion line.
This ferocious name may conjure images of a much larger animal than your tiny ball of fluff, but at least it stays true to its cat family roots!
Thankfully, there is not a lot of complication or complexity involved with the process of training your kitten to successful use their litter box.
If your young kitten happens to have a more headstrong personality, you might also consider investing in some treats that he or she really likes, to help you convince them that the littler box is a great place to go. When they are in there, try and be as happy and positive as you can, as this will help your kitty understand that you want them to use the litter box. Though there will still be times when your little fur ball forgets that the litter box is just down the hall, or when they try to hold it in to long, and you will want to remain vigilant for those opportunities to remind them of where the bathroom is. Cat has a particular fondness for clean litterbox's, and an extreme dislike of even a few lumps left in there, so the cleaner you can keep the box, the more often your kitten will use it.
It has since become a major part of our lives and is now a full time project in which I have learnt a great deal from. In fact, I worked with Jo's Mom (Jennie) and it's definitely thanks to Jennie that Jo and I got together.
At first, we only had one machine connected to the internet (mine of course), and so all incoming & outgoing email had to pass through my computer. It didn't come as a complete shock because we had seen him slowly struggle through all the pain. For me it was a way of closure from all the pain and suffering I had seen in the last few months of my Dad's life.
Jo is back at MLS Business Centre and working in Canary Wharf across the road from where I work. We looked at one house at the estate agent and knew the minute we saw it, that it would be the house for us.
I don't actually have the path of the image, just the ID file, and WordPress has automatically thumbnailed the image and placed it into the page with the right code. You do not want the little kitten messing up your home and have to teach it to use a litter box. It's no surprise that human names like Chloe and Charlie are trending right now, but we also found that old classics like Kitty and Tiger are still hanging in there.
And it's not just animals who have been influenced by Bella Swan's lady vampire a€” Bella is also one of the top names for human baby girls. And if your tiny cat is truly a wild thing, it accurately brings to mind the title character in Maurice Sendak's classic Where the Wild Things Are.
I had quit my job at Counterpoint a couple of months before hand to be with Mom though the difficult time.

We made an offer and it was accepted and the whole legal process took just two months to go through. Still got to do some home improvements, Have had our two cats Tamsin and Magic that long as well. However, there are some things that the cat needs to follow as it is now a part of your family. If you have not been able to visit the pet shop, you can always use an old cut down cardboard box, plastic container, or a large baking pan. If it is still a bit confused, you can gently hold its front paws and carry out the digging action. If your kitten scratches the floor, or goes to a corner, tries to go behind a cupboard or couch, or if it suddenly breaks off from an interesting game and begins to sniff around, it means it needs to use the liter box.
They have a natural instinct to use the litter box as they are very fussy creatures themselves. And we bet you can guess which box-office smash hit is behind the number-one name for female kittens.
With the final Twilight installation in theater's now, we're sure many kittens will be sporting tags engraved with this name. I soon discovered that Jennie had a daughter studying Veterinary Nursing at Onderstepoort, a fairly huge university campus outside of Pretoria. It wasn't long before I found a three month contract working for the London Borough of Tower Hamlets as a Desktop Support Analyst.
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However, if the kitten was born and raised outside, you may begin litter training when it is about 4 weeks old. Sometimes, you may take about 2 weeks after following the proper way to house train your cat.
Place this tray in an area that is private, away from traffic, and easily accessible by the kitten.
If you are lucky, you may have adopted a smart girl or boy who will learn to use the litter box in just a day. With good cat care and loads of love & affection, you and your kitten will spend many years of healthy companionship.
Even though your cat may spend a lot of time outdoors, it still needs to be taught to use the litter box as a kitten.
If you see the kitten trying to dig the floor or searching for far off corners, pick it up gently and place it in the litter box. If you wish to help your kitten learn to go outdoors, you can gradually begin placing the litter box towards the door.
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