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It is good that she raises the alarm when something is not quite right in her books — the key then became controlling the bark. Just any old treat wouldn’t work in this situation, because you are trying to distract your dog from a high-energy and agitated state.
I also made sure to reward Rory as soon as all four paws were in her bed so that she associated completing that action with the tasty treat. Rather than punish Rory for giving in to her natural instinct and alerting her family that there might be danger, I have instead managed to reign that enthusiastic barking into a controllable and manageable habit.
This entry was posted in BEHAVIOUR, Pawsh Magazine, pet magazine, pet photographer, pet photography, PETS AT HOME, Toronto pet photographer and tagged canadian dog magazine, Canadian dog photographer, Canadian pet photography, dog bark training, dog magazine, dog training, how to train dog not to bark, pet magazine, tips for dog training. Incase your dog does not stop barking even after the use of voice command; simply take it to an isolated place. Ensure that you are consistent in the reinforcements and punishments that you administer to your dog no matter what.
From Dogmantics, dog trainer Emily Larlham gives a us tips on how to get your doggy to stop barking. It was everything I was looking for in a space — hardwood floors, separate office space, working fireplace (a nice perk).
Not only would she bark whenever she heard anything unexpected, but she would bark and charge down the hallway whenever she heard neighbouring dogs, people on the street or even our upstairs neighbours shuffling around in their apartment. Using nothing but positive reinforcement, Rory’s frantic barking is now manageable and civilized.

Trying to debark a dog through bark collars and negative reinforcement is like trying to combat a natural, engrained instinct that is programmed into a dog’s DNA. Rory feels like she is doing her job (protecting) and I am no longer getting frustrated (albeit sympathetic) calls from my lovely neighbours.
They bark to express themselves, when they are feeling anxious or lonely or to guard their household. Basement can be the perfect place; the dog will feel lonely because it will not find any fun. Before taking any disciplinary action, take a keen look at it because your dog may be barking repeatedly because it has seen something that it feels it is not right or it might be trying to express its discomfort.
By first changing your dog's emotional response to the stimuli, then working from low levels of criteria to higher levels, then finally, adding full criteria you're dog will get comfortable around the bark-worthy source and remain calm.
But being in the heart of Toronto it was also a little noisier than Rory was used to compared to our sleepy Ottawa residence. Regardless of what I was doing or where I was whenever at home, if she barked I intervened. That is the main reason why your dog will bark repeatedly especially at night and at the time you are away from home.
When speaking to your dog, make sure that you maintain eye contact and while commanding, point the dog using your hand. After you use voice command, and your dog does not respond positively, use your clicker to click twice and after that, give your dog a treat.

You must always show your dog that you are the master and it must respect what you are commanding it to do. Maybe, the reason why it is barking the whole night might be because it is not comfortable where it normally sleeps or you might not be giving it enough food.
Unless you're deaf or plan to be some time soon, training your dog to stop barking in the crate will make life a lot easier on you. In fact she has now got to the point that she barks once, sometimes twice, and then takes herself to bed to await cross-pawed for a treat. But sometimes, dog barking can be quite a nuisance especially to your neighbors, visitors and also to you and your family. When you point the dog with your hand, your dog will understand that you are speaking to it and it will realize that it is doing something wrong. When you are consistent, your dog will realize that you are serious and within no time, it will start following your commands because it will be aware of the consequence that normally comes if it fails to corporate with you.

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