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Move your puppy out of the car with a kennel or by lifting her yourself before the age of six months. This is Huckleberry, a 4-year old neutered male, available at Dawg Squad Animal Rescue in Los Angeles. If Huckleberry has stolen your heart, you can contact Dawg Squad Animal Rescue to inquire about adopting him.
Praise more than correct– You want to err on the side of praising too much than too little.
Never yell or raise your voice– It is only necessary to raise your voice if there is a life threatening situation or your dog is a long ways from you. This is not to take the place of a full training program, but to give you dog training tips that will make it easier for you while you train. This dog mix does not typically wander, but accidents happen and you want your dog returned if she gets lost.
The shepherd breed prefers to take dominance and the rottweiler breed becomes a very strong adult.
This action shows the shepherd dominance and reduces aggressive tendencies in the rottweiler. She has a lot of energy and a great need to be near you, as her genetics are working against her. Typically, shepherds are timid before socialization and rottweilers will begin to dislike different situations other than your home if they are not socialized.

Rottweiler puppies have weak joints that break easily with jumping, and you do not want to take the chance that your dog has inherited this trait. Huck is a Rottweiler and Blue Tick Coon Hound mix, which gives him the interesting merle and Rottie markings.
The Dawg Squad is an all-volunteer animal rescue dedicated to saving at-risk pups from homelessness and abandonment. After you register the dog in town hall, you will receive a dog tag that attaches to the collar. She will understand you are in charge and she will not become defensive when you or someone else touches these body parts if they are touched on a regular basis.
Shepherds tend to become overweight with no exercise, and rottweilers become unruly from boredom when ignored.
She will go into heat between the ages of six to 24 months old, but she should not be bred during the first heat. He has an adorable face and is great with kids, with other dogs, and seems to get along with cats. When you train with loud commands, your dog will most likely not listen when you speak normally. Remember to read this more than once, before and after your training session, until it becomes routine.
Give your female mix fewer reasons to misbehave with daily exercises, such as walks or time running in the yard.

After six months old, her immune system will be strong and she can begin to socialize at dog parks and open areas. Learn to recognize your dog's unique traits when she is in heat; most dogs become nervous, alert and more apt to accidents in the house. This Rottie mix was turned into the South Los Angeles Animal Shelter due to his 70-year old owner thinking the pup was just too big to keep. If you train in a normal volume (except for the upbeat sound, of course) he will pay attention when you need to raise your voice. You should see a difference in the first few times you train if practicing all of these tips. Huckleberry is 110 pounds of muscle and has the Rottie stubborness, but as we Rot lovers know, they are highly intelligent dogs that are easy to train because they are eager to please their owners. You may need to have an outsider watch your training to see if you need any improvement in any of these areas. If it is the stay command, for instance, you would physically place him back in the place he was. It is much better to train 2 or 3 times a day for 10-15 minutes than to train too long and cause your dog to dislike the training.

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