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But here’s the thing, many moms feel peer pressured into potty training because perhaps their kid is the only one amongst the kids from the mommy group that is still in diapers. I gave my daughter the choice of potty training in the little cute singing training potty versus the big potty because I wanted it to be fun for her. Of course, you don’t want to wait too long to potty train because then you get into your child being old enough to reason and battle against you and simply choose not to potty train.

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I kept putting it off and trying to get to it later but now we are done with it and it wasn’t too bad at all! We just moved, and our once ahead of everything, giant baby is now being compared to other kids all the time because he is so big and they don’t know him.
And he has regressed in some things during the move, which we expected, but it has been harder for all of us to adjust because of a trauma incurred two days into our new home.

She has a little potty but prefers the big one!She loves loves getting treats for being a big girl!She stay dry all night and can always hold her pee until we find a bathroom! Thank you so much for offering an olive branch of peace for my mommy heart to just use the time to love on him, and not worry about the possibility of getting pregnant and having two diapers. It sounds so much easier to change two diapers than to change a diaper and keep him on a toilet.

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