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One of the most frustrating and stressful times for dog owners is getting their pet house broken. Yes, puppies are cute and need to eat a lot in order to grow, but over feeding and random feeding will cause them to excrete more often.
Hot Tip: If you decide to reward your dog for toileting out side with a food treat, then make sure that is something really special that they do not get at any other point. Puppy Toys: The Best Dog Toys For PuppiesIn this article we will be looking at the best puppy toys for your young dog. Over Excited Dog: How Understanding Behavior Thresholds Can Help YouIs your dog sometimes so excited that he just can't respond to you, or even hear you? How to Spot a Puppy FarmIf you are looking for a puppy, you will have heard that ‘puppy farms’ and ‘puppy farmers’ are best avoided. You might have a vague idea of them being long dark kennels, with lots of dogs having litters at the same time.
In this article we look at some of the myths and facts that surround the difference between the two sexes. Dogs certainly enjoy eating meat, but they can not be considered truly carnivores in every sense of the word. Some dogs graze on grass to ease the pain or discomfort of excessive stomach gas or clear the blockage in the digestive system. Eating grass is not dangerous to dogs at all as long as there are no dangerous fertilizers or pesticides present on the grass. Doing so will only scare it and cause it become afraid of toileting in general and force it to start to hide the places it goes.

Feed on a schedule and take note of what is being fed so you know when to expect your puppy relieve itself. While your puppy is using the toilet, it is important to make it aware of what it is doing by using cue words.
Actually, they are hunters in their natural state and prefer to eat a wide variety of food stuff from different sources. There is not one simple answer to why dogs eat grass as different dogs eat grass for different reasons. It happens when the dog is not getting plenty of exercise and it starts considering munching on grass a better option to stave away boredom. For example, pet sitting professionals often consult their owners on the repercussions of such behavior.
Grass eating helps ease the digestive discomfort and is considered a natural way of detoxify the body when sick. The good news is that the days of stressing over your dog’s “accidents” are over, because you can toilet train it easily through these steps. As a result, you need to make sure that the designated toilet area is accessible so they can easily get to it.
Teach it the proper term associated with urinating and defecating (pee, wee-wee, poo-poo etc.) by saying it while the pup is doing it. Fidgeting and sniffing around the floor are usually a good indication that they need to go.
Allow them plenty of time to do their business and of course reward them richly when they do.

After all, dogs are considered to be carnivores and grass is not a part of their staple diet. If your dog often seems distressed and there is a sudden increase in grass eating tendency, there may be an underlying veterinary condition at play.
Additionally, inadvertent consumption of any insect, such as slug or snail, can be hazardous to your dog’s health.
This way it knows clearly what you are referring to when you teach it.Try to only say these words as your dog is half way through, otherwise it might distract them and stop.
Be vigilante at all times with your puppy when you are in the house, as they may start to go and if you can quickly (but gently) grab them in time, you may be able to relocate them to the desired place.
The last thing you want to do is stand in the rain or in the cold whilst they do this, but if you start as you mean to go on and persevere through the elements, your potty training issues will quickly become a thing of the past. Most of the times, dogs regurgitate the grass and other contents of their stomach soon after ingestion. Try making some dietary changes and enrolling your dog in physical training or sport activities. If you have ever wondered why dogs eat grass and want to know more about this habit of theirs, read on. Grass eating is a natural instinct and not a matter of concern albeit if done within limits.

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