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I was at my friend’s house last year after his 8 year old son lost a football game and was getting a slightly confrontational pep talk.  Now don’t get me wrong, they are great parents and were using phrases like “you were born a winner”.  And, they were right he needed the pep talk and ended up LOVING football (this year they are undefeated)!
Sometimes they like to get me in the car and pretend to fight to watch me get uncomfortable hahaha. My parents were very domineering and I was raised to be submissive and avoid conflict.  My sister however, was not as submitting and I watched her receive quite a few beatings… which made me even more submissive I think.
So it should come as no surprise to you that confrontational training methods aren’t part of my regiment either! I cringe when I watch “celebrity” dog trainers (who aren’t even real trainers) get into dog’s faces, use electric collars, and otherwise “dominate” the dogs on their shows.
I think dog training should be as non-confrontational as possible to be the most effective. The question I got recently was from a dog owner who’s dog is deciding he doesn’t want to share the furniture with her. He has decided that growling at her when she goes to sit on the sofa is appropriate and probably keeps her off of it when he so decides.
Or the non-confrontational option; where she keeps him on a leash, gently plucks him off of the furniture whenever he gets up there (he is no longer allowed on the furniture for obvious reasons) and teaches him tactics and skills like down stays on his bed on the floor. A lot of people are quick to say grab that Maltese by the neck and throw him on the ground.  Dominate him, hold him down and make him submit. Although I know people who train this way… I don’t think it is applicable or even close to appropriate for most people.
I have an 80 pound dog with huge teeth and I can tell you right now, if I get into a conflict with him I am not going to push him to a point where he has to choose.  I’m not certain I would win a physical battle.
I’ve felt the pressure per pound that those teeth can have on flesh, and I have seen bite wounds and lacerations that sent people to the hospital and have left them scarred for life.
And, as everyone who pushes people into those confrontations says “You’d better win and dominate”.
Plus I don’t have to worry about the 70 year old 100 pound woman having a fist fight with her Rottweiler if she is using her brain to train her dog.  I don’t think it is truthful and fair to expect people to out strengthen their dogs (plus a HUGE liability)… I do think it is fair to expect most people to out think them.
Talking about out thinking the dog isn’t exciting, it’s almost as if it becomes the natural thought process the smarter way; if you think like a dog you can out train him. If you expect him to act like a human and understand us and our rules, you are starting out behind the 8 ball. If you have a dog like this that wants to growl over his things and his space you must think like him.

But dogs are like children, if they can’t share their toys they shouldn’t get to play with them. If he has to live life on a leash and learn to do down stays on the floor that is what I am going to do. If he goes back to his old ways of jumping on the furniture, don’t yell, scream or scold him (remember no confrontation), gently grab is leash which he has gotten used to dragging around the house and smoothly pluck him off the furniture by simply taking it and walking away.
Depending on where you are in your training program, you can click him for getting off the furniture or tell him to go to his bed and reward him.  Give him a better place to be and he will think that is where he wants to go.
If you do it right he thinks he is training you and you avoid the ugly conflict of being bitten. Eventually you remove the leash (it may take a month or several) and he learns to be on his bed and when you say “go to your bed” or “get on your place” instead of him thinking he is losing his warm spot on the sofa he understands he will be rewarded for getting on his bed and being there which is totally what you want and non-confrontational!
We used to have a very dominant little kelpie, (very good little cattle and sheep dogs), who on one occasion growled at me when lying beside my on my bed.
I have a 13 year old Shar Pei mix (and maybe some Akita?) who when we first got him was allowed on the furniture. He is feeding his own aggressive behaviors by being allowed to chase vehicles and he needs to be taught an alternative like sitting next to you or laying down. If you aren’t careful and he bites someone you could be sued for your trucking company and all the money that you have. Plant a Juniper that grows wide and tall, getting a fairly big one to begin with in the area of the jump. Maybe train your dog to jump hurdles as they show on television might be a game to start, and gradually build up and enter the dog in competition.
I have tried the carrot and stick routine to get my 15 pound Min Pin to not be aggressive toward others when walking him on a lead.
I am not giving up on this beautiful little dog until I have exhausted every possible course of action.
I signed up for the aggression course, but due to family obligations have not yet had a chance to begin the process. But, your other dog does not deserve to be attacked and your other dog needs to be kept from engaging in this behavior.
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The album has a plush black velvet cover and can stand up on its own to display the image on the front. However we found him in the park when we were walking our German shepherd and brought him home. I am and experienced dog owner and have successfully trained a couple of small dogs, an adult German Shepherd and an adult Doberman. To avoid having to pay for anesthetic each time his nails needed cutting, I hired a trainer who assured me he could help. We live on an acerage and have a trucking company that sees a lot of traffic in and out of our yard.
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He had no identification and had to spend 10 days in the pound before we could rescue him so I really do not know his history.
I suspect that he may have tried this with a less experienced dog owner and when he did not come when called I think he was dumped. After several sessions, trainer suggested we go to vet’s office for a little desensitization.
When we leave we find traces of him being on the couch (dog hair, pillows on the floor, warm spot on the couch).
I shut him out in the hall and left him there for all of five minutes before I allowed him to return. I was playing fetch with him after about 5 throws, he stops, looks at me then rans straight for the fence dodges the obstacles and jumps the fence. Next thing I know trainer picked up the dog (all 110 lbs of him) in the Ceasar MIlan style. Next thing dog is screaming like he is terrified and in pain and snaps at the trainer again.
At that point, my concern was kids – although he has always been great with kids (grandkids and others with supervision) who visit.
Hopefully with more work, I will be able to do his nails and eventually have someone else do them.

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