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Share your favorite homemade dog food recipe with our community of dog lovers - submit recipe here. When you make food at home for your dog, you are ensured that your dog is eating food that meets your standards, and is free of preservatives, fillers, and chemicals that are often found in commercial dog foods.
Join me, and we'll discuss the questions that both you and your dog have been asking about homemade dog food.
Bones included in a fresh kill are okay, and hold nutrition essential to your dog's well being. Mix all ingredients (chop, puree, or leave in large chunks, depending on your dog's preference) and store in the refrigerator or freezer. The remaining 60-80% of your raw-food-eating dog's daily requirement should consist of raw meat and bones (backs, necks, carcasses).
Organic meat is harvested from animals that have been raised without artificial growth hormones or antibiotics, and have not been fed animal by-products. Almost any homemade dog food recipe can be converted to organic - by simply replacing conventional ingredients with organically-produced ones. Pile up your dog's bowl (using our weight calculator) with these yummy ingredients and watch 'em fly.
Holistic feeding methods and medicine stand upon the idea that feeding the mind and body will serve to restore and maintain health and vitality. Meal rotation and variety is essential to holistic health principles, just as variety is essential to your own good daily diet. Holistic dog food notions dictate that grains are okay for dogs - based on the premise that when dogs eat wild animals, they also ingest the stomach contents of those animals, including grains and greens.
Though opinions differ greatly, I believe that a healthy dog's nutritional requirements can be fulfilled with little more than food and sunshine. Dogs need protein - vegetarian diets are widely disputed and do not offer complete nutrition for animals that are primarily carnivorous.
Grapes and raisins, Onions, Mushrooms, Avocado, Hulled foods (corn, beans, peas), Tomatoes, Fruit, fruit pits and seeds, Macadamia nuts, Walnuts, Chocolate, Cooked bones, Coffee and tea, Yeast, Nutmeg, Salt, White foods (white bread, white rice), Foods included in the nightshade category may cause problems for some dogs (eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, white potatoes, iceberg lettuce, and raw spinach), and for some dogs, dairy can be pretty scary. To calculate, multiply his weight, in pounds, by 16 to get his total body weight in ounces. You may choose to divide your dog's daily food into two feedings, or you may want to stick with one daily meal. Dogs that tip the scales at over 100 pounds usually need about 15 calories per pound of body weight, per day. Now that you have learned about the basics of home cooking for your dog, you can stir up these and many other recipes of your own creation. Understandably, you may feel overwhelmed at the idea of feeding your dog from your own kitchen.
Well, here's wishing you good luck, good eating, and many years to come with your kitchen's newest customer. Learn how to train your puppy the positive, non-violent, but super effective way - puppy training step by step. We may not be super fast, but we are always happy to talk about any thing you want to about Rhodesian Ridgebacks and your Ridgeback puppy. The links above are just a few places to go where you can find more information about where to go here in Washington State to have fun with your ridgeback and meet other ridgeback owners. This site is where you can learn about the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed of dogs and puppies, learn about puppies for sale, see photos and pictures of dogs and puppies, find a Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppy and learn how to train your new puppy.
IntroductionProviding your puppy or dog with an indoor kennel crate can satisfy many dogs' need for a den-like enclosure. You may also play this enjoyable and educational game with your pup or dog: without alerting your puppy, drop a small dog biscuit into the crate. It is advisable first to crate your pup for short periods of time while you are home with him. Simply wash out the crate using a pet odor neutralizer (such as Nature's Miracle, Nilodor, or Outright). Where to buy a crate: Crates can be purchased through most pet supply outlets, through pet mail order catalogs and through most professional breeders. Robin Kovary is the American Dog Trainers Network helpline director and canine behavioral consultant. If you have a schedule that requires you to be gone most of the day and are wondering how you can get your Yorkie puppy potty trained, here are a few suggestions.
First, maybe look into changing your schedule around so that maybe you can take vacation time when you bring your new puppy home. Crate training is a good way to housebreak your dog unless you are not going to be there to let the puppy out to potty when needed which is every hour or two the first few days. Leaving the television or radio on while you are gone, will help the puppy sooth himself during your absence.

When you get your new Yorkie puppy home from the Yorkie breeders, be sure to assess each room they will have access to for safety.
In that case, you might want to ask yourself, "Is conventional dog food the best thing for him?" Your dinner choices might be a no-brainer, but choosing the best option for your pet isn't always that easy. We'll explore the different avenues available to gain and maintain a healthy coat and skin, lean muscle, strong bones and teeth, hearty organs and immune systems, high energy, efficient digestion, and an increased life expectancy. Much like human food, homemade dog food can be categorized in order to narrow the search for your best friend's most beneficial diet. Raw meat is also high in moisture - it provides a significant amount of your dog's daily water requirement (and that's great for proper kidney function).
All meat should, obviously, be uncooked, and may include: Eggs (with shell), beef, buffalo, venison, elk, chicken, turkey, emu, ostrich, rabbit, and fish. Further broken down, that meat allowance should be roughly 20% organs, 20% skin and fat, and 35% muscle meat.
Beware, though - never feed old bones that have been inside a dead animal for any length of time or that have been preserved in any way. Appropriate ones include: Broccoli, squash, Romaine lettuce, carrots, cabbage, celery, and asparagus. Please note that when portionally correct amounts are included in your dog's food, it can be beneficial to its health.
But most raw food experts agree - the most important part of a raw dog food diet is the meat.
Organic foods provide no more nutritional value than conventional ones, but their attraction is strictly about what's NOT in them.
Many holistic dog food recipes hover right around 2 parts protein, 1 part carbohydrates, and 1 part vegetables. Calcium and Magnesium levels are generally the only two deficiency concerns when feeding a homemade dog food recipe diet.
Toxins aren't strangers either, as many tragically learned not so long ago (dog food recalls of 07 & 08).
Fried foods and sugar-laden treats sabotage other valiant efforts and provide little or no nutritional value. Talk to him about what you're looking for, and schedule a particular day of the week when you can stop in and pick up what he's reserved just for you. He may not be a big tipper, but you'll be paid with as many licks and as much love as you can digest! Training your Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppy and attending puppy and obedience Classes are a must. We as well as many of our Ridgeback owners go with their dogs and have fun at the places we find out about by going to these sites as well as visiting many parks and recreational areas throughout the state.
Therefore a crate (or any other area of confinement) should NEVER be used for the purpose of punishment. Allow your pup to go in and out of the bottom half of the crate before attaching the top half. If the puppy chews the towel, remove it to prevent the pup from swallowing or choking on the pieces. You may however use the crate as a brief time-out for your puppy as a way of discouraging nipping or excessive rowdiness.
Set up the crate on one end, the food and water a few feet away, and some newspaper (approx. Or possibly schedule to pick up your puppy from your Yorkie breeder just before a holiday or long weekend.
To do so I would suggest you confine your puppy either in a puppy play pen (which can be purchased on-line) with a bed on one side and a washable puppy pad on the other. And of course always leave a large assortment of toys available for him to play with and chew on. Each room needs to be free from anything poisonous, such as house plants, over the counter and prescription medications, chocolate bars, etc. Another possibility is to have someone to help with taking your puppy potty while you are away from home.
You and I might regularly eat raw meat if our systems could handle it - but we need to cook our meat to kill the bacteria that have the potential to devastate our digestive systems. The great majority of your dog's diet should consist of meat protein - which is the one fool-proof ingredient that we know all dogs can digest and thrive on.
They also cite that grains have been blamed as culprits for pancreatic stress and tooth calculus, that our dogs were not designed to process these items, and that asking them to thrive on grains is like asking a human to thrive on a red meat diet - most experts would advise against it. It's only when too much garlic, in relation to your dog's weight, is dangerous to your dog's health. A whole pack of folks believe that pesticides, herbicides, human waste, sewage sludge, radiation, genetic modification, and artificial additives have no place in or on our produce.

You'll be paying more for less (about twice as much) - but, it's less of what you DON'T want.
Their teeth testify to this - if you open the trap, you'll notice canines for ripping and grinders for other items that they naturally ingest while foraging in the wild. You may supplement calcium with unflavored yogurt, white cheese, pulverized egg shells, and sardines.
Remember, all foods should be served at room temperature, and left-overs may be stored in the refrigerator, tightly covered, for up to 4 days.
If for any reason you are unable to care for or keep your Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy or dog at any time or point in their lives, we require that you contact us and we will take them back. After you have your dog in your home, we really hope that you continue to send us pictures and updates of what is going on in their life. This Site is About: AKC Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppies, AKC Rhodesian Ridgeback Dogs, Dogs For Sale, Puppies For Sale, Dog Obedience Training, No Free Lunch Dog Training, Puppy Training, Puppy Preparations, Puppy Socialization, Dog Vitamins, Ridgeback Rescue, Loving and Living with Dogs. Toys and bails should always be inedible and large enough to prevent their being swallowed.
Although most puppies prefer lying on soft bedding, some may prefer to rest on a hard, flat surface, and may push the towel to one end of the crate to avoid it.
If the dog hesitates, it often works to feed him in front of the crate, then right inside the doorway and then, finally, in the back of the crate.
Use crate training on weekends or whenever you are going to be home is the best plan of action. I like the washable pee pee pads more as the puppy wont tear them to shreds like the disposable ones you buy in the store. The rooms should be free of electrical cords that could be chewed on, dangling drapery cords, anything that could be easily knocked over and injure the puppy.
I can't speak for your mother's cooking ability, but chances are, she can do a bit better than a frozen brick of kinda-food. For instance, you may choose to feed a raw dog food diet while avoiding all of the foods that experts have deemed potentially harmful. If he's looking distended and feels sluggish, start by eliminating the broccoli (that's usually the culprit), and then move on to the others until you find the gas-maker. Vitamin D (to release the calcium) can be obtained from cod liver oil or time spent outside, in the sunshine.
Go to to find out about some of the Regional Ridgeback Clubs in the United States. If the puppy urinates on the towel, remove bedding until the pup no longer eliminates in the crate. Dogs do not like to soil where they sleep and will choose the puppy pad to relieve himself verse their bed instinctively.
New toys are always a good distraction and will keep your puppy busy playing instead of getting into things he maybe should not have. And, yes, chicken bones are safe to feed your dog, provided that they remain fresh and uncooked (ask your Vet if you are still unsure). Did you know that your meat - and the meat that you prepare for your dog - can be organic, too? Magnesium is found in kelp and spinach, which are both acceptable, but only when steamed first.
If you are considering a Ridgeback family member in your home, just send an email or call us and we will do our best to answer your questions. Once your puppy has continually used the washable puppy pad for a fairly significant amount of time successfully, the area in which you leave your puppy while you are away can be increased in size with an exercise pen and then eventually to a small room or area, somewhere where you have tile or other flooring that will be easily cleaned in case of accidents.
Keeping a close eye on your new puppy while he is out investigating and acclimating to his new home is the key. That's what homemade dog food is all about, after all - customizing your dog's diet in a way that fulfills both of you. Our dogs' systems can handle more than ours, but don't forget that you'll be handling the meat. After preparing meals for your dog, cleaning up with pure white vinegar will eliminate any bacteria from countertops and feeding bowls. Once the puppy is on target with hitting them you can always take one or two up with his continued success.

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