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The ultimate guide: how to stop a puppy from biting and, How to stop a puppy from biting and nipping. Puppy biting – quick & effective tactics for your little shark, Practical tips to stop puppy biting.
Learning how to train a pug puppy can be an exercise in frustration because pugs are smart, stubborn and not the easiest of dogs to train.
Keeping the above points in mind, there are a few things you must teach your pug to make your life easier and ensure that your pug is a joy to have around.
If you follow these guidelines with consistency and patience, you will discover how to train a pug puppy is not so difficult. This is so important because if you allow certain behaviour in the beginning and then try to backtrack your puppy will be confused and your job will be that much more difficult.
Remember a puppy is just like a human baby and needs affection, positive reinforcement and a firm, loving hand.

If you are consistent and thorough in the beginning, you will save a lot of time in the long run. It is very stressful for a dog if he perceives that he is the leader of the pack because then his job is to keep all his ‘charges’ in check. Have a treat ready in your hand and hold it just above your dog’s head while you say ‘sit’. This is a development of the sit routine where you say ‘stay’ and step away a bit before giving the treat. Take your puppy out to meet people and other dogs in a safe environment so that he gets used to being around them. Puppies are cute and adorable and it is easy to let them get away with things that you would not tolerate in a grown dog. Be prepared to repeat disciplinary measures until your pug understands what is expected of him.

You must establish yourself as the pack leader and the dog as the follower, and then your understanding of how to train a pug puppy will be better.
Move your hand back and he will be forced to sit, whereupon you can praise him and feed him the treat.  Keep doing it and then do it without a treat and soon you will be able to get your puppy to sit before feeding, to get petted and before having a leash put on. Delay the reward a little longer each time until your puppy can sit for a while on his own.

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