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Well the wall chart is designed to help with positive reinforcement and reward good behavior. If she's doing well then she will be more than likely to be positive about the whole potty training process and want it to succeed.
I have kept the charts as simple to use as possible, seeing you will have to print it out for yourself.
To make things more fun, try print out the color versions of the potty training wall charts that I've provided for you above, and perhaps get a set of fun stickers that your child likes. Or you could use a star-shaped sticker or stamp into the rewards section – the point is to make it fun and entertaining for your little one. Some people like to reward after every successful potty sitting, but that can kill the excitement quickly, so instead resolve for verbal praise after every success, and a physical reward (like going to the park or a small toy that you know she would like) after a prolonged consistently successful periods of training – like a week. Download a free printable potty chart to help reward the necessary behaviors when teaching children. Note: You will need Adobe Reader (the latest version is recommended) installed on your computer and pop up blockers disabled in order to open and print a kids chart.
A selection of free printable Spiderman potty training charts for little Spiderman fans to use during the potty training process. Are you looking for ways to make your child's potty training experience for easier and faster? I have potty trained 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls, and we used a lot of potty training reward charts. The middle chart is a potty training chart and is designed for beginners at potty training.
The potty readiness log on the right is designed for you, Mom or Dad, to use for a couple of weeks to decide if your toddler is showing readiness signs for potty training.
It's always good to have a printable rewards chart going that doesn't have anything to do with potty training.
Instead of using a free potty training chart to motivate your son or daughter, get a large jar of marbles or buttons and have them transfer one marble or button each time they do well on their potty seat. Draw up a colorful list of prizes that can be earned with various amounts of buttons or marbles. Many times just one new piece of toilet training advice that I hadn't considered before was just the help I needed to help my child over a potty training hump.

Specific tips to help potty training for girls move smoothly (I've trained two girls myself). If you submit comments, we ask your permission to share your comments on our website (see permission checkbox below). We only ask for your name and email address in case we need to contact you for clarification.
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We will only use the first name and initial of your last name when saying where the comment or quote came from. I am no expert, in fact we haven’t really started but I would like to share my plan and a few tips with you!
Use creative ways to create interest – Bean has a favorite new doll that she carries around all of the time.
Pick out a potty- Choosing a potty is fun and you can totally get your little one involved. Smaller seats that fit on the regular toilet are available too, they tend to be less expensive and can even be used on the go. I will keep you updated on how it’s going and if I have any magical tips to share ?? Have you potty trained yet? Posted in Tips & Tricks and tagged big boy, big girl, choose, no stress, plan, portable, potties, potty training. It not only helps you keep track of her progress, but is also good for your child… helping them to see their own progress.
Children tend to get bored with the wall chart after a few weeks anyway, besides you can't use the chart forever. Using sticker charts are a great way to help children acquire the skills needed to start training and get excited about becoming a big kid. It can be used to help avoid potty training accidents by giving a sticker for every 15-30 minutes your child stays dry.
You want something small, like a sticker or a small candy, but every child is different and you need to use what motivates YOUR child, not simply what every other parent is trying. That has two effects: 1) you make sure your child is learning what it means to be successful in all areas of life which will spill over into potty training and 2) a separate chart keeps you from over-focusing (and nagging) on the potty training process alone.

When your toddler sees the whole family involved in using reward charts of some kind it will help him to stay highly motivated. Keep the amount needed low (and the prizes simple), especially during the first stages of training so that your trainee can experience success. My daughter and I used to make up outlandish and extremely silly potty songs as she sat on her potty chair. By the time your child is fully potty trained, you'll have your stories ready to tell to other parents who are just starting this process with their child. It gives your little one pride in their choice and making sure they tell someone they need to use the potty a little more important.
You might need to print a few copies worth – depending on how quickly you progress from stage to stage. You may even consider starting your training experience by giving your child a certificate for big kids award.However, in addition to downloading these, the best way to train a child is by doing intense potty training in a day, 3 days consecutively or a week even depending on how much time you have. It may also be used to reward any attempts of initiating without any prompting by going to the toilet and trying to urinate or have a bowel movement. If you want to potty train quickly and efficiently, get a guide that will answer your questions as they come up. Potty training is not a race and some experts say potty training too early can be very detrimental to you little one and cause bed wetting issues down the road. Stand alone potties are great if you have enough room and some double as a step after your child begins to use the regular toilet. Bean is a naturally energetic and hyperactive child so sugar doesn’t mix well with her so I am going to use stickers instead! This can be done after a child is able to independently do the items listed in the chart below. And then start filling in the spaces provided from the first attempt at sitting on the potty – see the example below. So, after choosing which potty training reward chart you would like to use, be sure to also check out the page with great ideas for potty training kids.

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