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When referring the the foreign or western style toilet, you can use the Japanese term ?????(??????? or yoshiki toire). I used to be against that washlet, but they do get you pretty fresh, and the washlets I’ve used have been in immaculately clean bathrooms complete with mint disinfectant sprays for the toilet seats.
The Japanese style toilet, ????? (?????? or washiki toire) wash definitely one of the Japanese culture shocks for me. Eventually I put two and two together and realized that you had to really get down there and squat in order to go to the bathroom.
Doing human, super squat made me feel like I was on the latest episode of Animal Planet or something.
But the fact remains, I just can’t bring myself to make using the ?????, Japanese style toilet, a habit. I’ll try most things once, but for the Japanese-style toilet, I’m afraid one time is all I’ve got in me. Went once to a Japanese-style toilet but hung my pants up and removed my shoes for fear of dropping a chocolate bar in my shorts!!
In 9 years of traveling overseas I had trained myself to take care of biz each morning at the hotel, western style.
The other thing that always got me was to be standing at a urinal in Narita airport, preparing for the looooong bus ride into Tokyo, and have the cleaning lady come in and start mopping around you.
When I was in Shinshibashi in Osaka I used the public bathrooms in the train station and there was a sign showing how to use the Western style toilets. For the first time i used jap-style toilet, i was confused on how i’m gonna sit here, should i face the door or the wall behind?!

For the washlet, it’s the most comfortable toilet ever with bum wash and air dry, wow. So I understand the arguments that the squat toilet is more hygenic and supposedly better for people, but as a modern day girl I hate these toilets.
I’ve never used a japanese one, but squat toilets are a pretty common thing in France too.
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Only had to do the squat thingy once (Korea) and yep, all the above thoughts rapidly go through your head. Guys only have to use them for their bowel movements, we have to use them for urination as well.

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They say they are suppose to be more sanitary… I understand that but it does make you feel like an animal who dug a whole in the ground to go potty. Trying to urinate in pants without getting anything on your pants is one of the most awkward awful experiences. The only time I did mind it is when it was a freezing cold night and I had to use a very drafty toilet in my long pyama pants. With an effective tracking system and insurance program, EMS is able to offer a secure delivery worldwide.
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