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I wrote this post as part of my participation in a blog tour for Latina Mom Bloggers on behalf of ZYRTEC® ALLERGY FACE® and received compensation to thank me for taking the time to participate. To help women look fresh-faced and flawless during the height of allergy season, ZYRTEC® has partnered with celebrity makeup artist Jackie Gomez to help Latinas tackle ALLERGY FACE® beauty challenges like a red nose, puffy face and watery eyes. You should definitely check out the rest of  Jackie’s looks to give you different makeup ideas. Allergies can affect not only the way you look, but also how you feel. New ZYRTEC® Dissolve Tabs can be taken anytime or anywhere because they dissolve in your mouth without water and provide 24-hour relief. I’m am excited to pull out tanks and update my closet with new additions such as this sheer and printed look. Pancho Rabbit and the Coyote by Duncan Tonatiuh was ordered the same day Diego started to ask questions about immigration. Not long after his journey begins, Pancho Rabbit meets a Coyote who promises to lead the way and reunite Pancho with his father. Anywho, we did simple things like visiting the bookstore, going to one of our regular hangouts for lunch  and running errands (getting the car wash was super exciting for them!). I had a little extra time to navigate the internets this weekend and here is what your friend Betty says you should click on!
This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Pull-Ups® Training Pants and Latina Bloggers Connect.
This gorgeous printed blazer with contrast panels is now sitting in my closet waiting for the next occassion.
My Friend Betty Says is a lifestyle blog written by Betty Galvan, a former teacher turned SAHM, turned blogger and freelance writer.
I don’t know about you, but the only annoyance during this beautiful season is an allegy attack! As an allergy sufferer herself, Gomez knows all too well how allergies can disrupt her daily beauty routine.
Sometimes we have to attend a special occassion and must know the makeup secrets to help when battling seasonal allergies.

Books for you, books all about the potty for your child, and books to keep in the bathroom are all so important!
Consistently using Pull-Ups Training Pants throughout the entire potty training process, instead of switching back to diapers, will reduce toddler confusion and lead to more success.
It’s very important for abuelita, babysitters, daycare, and school to know that your child is learning to use the potty because the consistency must also apply outside the home.
I like my duvet covers in neutral colors which only require adding a few fun cushions, bright curtains and a few glassware accents to make the bedroom look different every season. I am hoping, really hoping, that Jordi will be easy to transition from diapers to Pull-Ups while learning to use the potty.
Books and songs will also warm Jordi up to the potty and I know I can count on Pull-Ups to provide the right amount of protection while training. Pull-Ups Training Pants have stretchy sides that allow children to learn the skill of pulling down and up.
And if you are in the area,  stop by our stylish girls’ night out event at the boutique on Thursday, June 5th. Mild or severe, seasonal allergies make us uncomfortable and to be honest, mess with our makeup! The weather was perfect and the boys spent a lot of time riding bikes and scooters, playing soccer and swimming. We were already huge fans of Tonatiuh’s other great books! This one is an allegory, perfect for elementary age children.
Pancho Rabbit and the Coyote is age appropriate and goes as far to include an author’s note full with immigration facts, references and websites for further information, and even a glossary (because there are lots of Spanish words included, of course!). He went to his brother’s graduation in Kansas City and I managed 3 nights alone with the boys. I do most things with only Jordi in tow, so the older boys were excited to visit Target and Whole Foods. I kept saying he was the little man in charge and gave him extra responsibilites which made him feel really good about himself. For my third little boy, I am going to take it easy and will remember what worked for me in the past years.

I read to help me, my boys read to help them understand that everyone uses the potty, and books in the bathroom help kids sit a little longer. If you are looking to change up the duvet for a bright and colorful one, pick simple patterns in the green, blue and yellow color range, those colors are perfect for the summer season ahead.
Yesterday’s post was all about how we had to cancel our brunch and day in NYC because mommy duty called. She needs your help to raise additional funds to host proper Quinceaneras (Sweet 16) for these girls.
I loved how the Bronzed Beauty example because it can work for busy moms (like me!) on a daily basis.
I know it should be easy by now, but my goodness, homesickness really settles when completely alone.
Jordi tells me when he has a dirty diaper, he is very independent and even tries to model his brothers’ bathroom habits. It was a lovely Memorial Day, and I did stop to reflect about how this isn’t just the unofficial start of summer, it is about the sacrifices so many have made for us and our country. I try not to think about my boys missing out on seeing their abuelitos, aunts, uncles and cousins on a regular basis because honestly, it hurts. One boy kept running to the bathroom and the other looked like a boxer after a few bad rounds. Moms need all the support we can get and I have to say that Pull-Ups Training Pants are an important factor for a successful transition. But they all gave me their best smiles, their tightest hugs and biggest kisses as they showered me with gifts on Sunday morning.

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