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Rent the Gorilligan's Island inflatable toddler play structure for your next birthday party or special event.
4.       Customer shall be in sole charge of crowd control of the event at all times during equipment and game rental period and shall be responsible for damage and theft of equipment and game(s) during rental period.
7.       If equipment is returned in a damaged but repairable condition, customer shall be liable for the cost of such repairs and Customer assumes responsibility for the return of equipment in the same condition it was received.
We offer many kinds of adventurous, sporty, and thrilling inflatable bouncers that will allow you to organize wonderful outdoor picnics or birthday parties. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.

Gorilligan's Island brings island adventure and plenty of monkeying around in one colorful obstacle. If equipment is returned in a destroyed or irreparable condition, customer shall be liable for full replacement value of each item.
Young jungle explorers can enter through the three-dimensional gorilla and work their way through pop-ups and obstacles, even some 3D monkeys hanging around with their tasty bananas! A 2% monthly interest fee will be applied on any unpaid balance that is not previously agreed upon in writing. Bright colors adorn this island, and a 3D toucan completes the tropical theme, a great way to have fun in the sun year round!

The inflatable play structure takes participants up a climb and down a slide and past pop-ups to facilitate maneuvering skills and build confidence.
The Gorilligan's Island play structure guarantees hours of enjoyable physical activity.

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