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Yes, the desert is very hot during the day, but Black Rock City is pretty high up, and as soon as the sun goes down it gets cold in a hurry. I'm sure the genuine hippies and alternative scene will toootallly embrace some lily white trust fund kid who rocks up with thousands of dollars of gear and a burning man kit. But it's 2016, and instead we're drowning in smarthome gadgets, most recently the voice-powered Amazon Echo and whatever Google Home is. An EgyptAir Airbus A320 with 66 people on board has disappeared from radar above Egyptian airspace yesterday, somewhere over the eastern Mediterranean. In a blog post yesterday, Uber officially showed off the self-driving car that's been stealthily cruising around Pittsburgh city streets.
Funny Jennifer Lopez with Short Legs and Long Arms Member reactions: Would be better with thighs I think.
Funny Jennifer Aniston Shows Off Her Inflatable Bra Jennifer Aniston shows Ellen DeGeneres her inflatable bra Looks like Charlie Sheen is eager to help inflate it. Funny Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston What caused Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston split and what will they do without each other?
Funny Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Wedding Photoshop the wedding events of Lopez and Anthony with satire.
Funny Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck Photoshop the real reason why Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck broke up. Product DescriptionUnique inflatable ball has stabilizing "feet" that keep the ball from rolling when not in use.
The Queen star, 62, cannot understand why women would want to inflate their breasts - but has not ruled out going under the knife herself to preserve her looks elsewhere. Go Back in Time using our Photos archive to see what happened on a particular day in the past.

Go Back in Time using our News archive to see what happened on a particular day in the past.
Check out Scoochmaroo’s instructions for making the amazing above costume at Instructables. Well that alkaline dust is mighty fine; it will get all up in your camera and screw it up good an proper.
I brought the Misty Mate Deluxe Personal Mist Air Cooler with me the first time I went to Burning Man. The car is a hybrid Ford Fusion, one of the more impressive autonomous research vehicles out there, and is currently in the early stages of safety testing. Vince gives the interview and talks about how he made the difficult decision of leaving Jennifer, and took back the $500,000 engagement ring.
When in use the weight of the person makes the "feet" retract into the ball so it can function like any other inflatable exercise ball. As a two-time burner myself (who is sadly missing it this year) I can personally guarantee that this gear will maximise your awesome. Instead, hang up a solar shower like Sea to Summit’s Pocket Shower in the morning, and by the time the sun sets it will be piping hot. The Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS3 is dust-proof, drop-proof (up to a 2m), and waterproof up to a whopping 12m! Since then she starred in several successful films - Bruce Almighty, The Break-Up, Derailed and others.
If you don’t have anything to hang it off of just get a friend to hold it for you while you shower. Get into this gigantic, inflatable ball from Zorb, and have your friends roll you around in style.

If you want a point-and-shoot camera for Burning Man and other rough and tumble activities, it doesn’t get any better than this one. While there is a camp that will give you a Dixie Cup with a small hose attached, I’d recommend the more ergonomic design of the Sani-Fem Freshette Feminine Urinary Director. That aside, it feels absolutely great during those scorching days and your friends will love you for having brought it. Unlike her successful actress career, Aniston's personal life has been quite rocky - her failed marriage with Brad Pitt was followed by a failed romance with Vince Vaughn, and another failed relationship with and British model Paul Sculfor. It’s bright, reusable, and you can make amazing costumes out of it like the one you see above. Swap out the tube, plug in a CO2 powered tire inflator like this Genuine Innovations Ultraflate Plus, mount up, and go meet your destiny! She'd get the award for being the most dumped celebrity, if not for Jessica Simpson, who's been repeatedly awarded this trophy and has no plans of letting it go. Emergen-C drink powder packets are really good for that as they just happen to be electrolyte-balanced.
Any flavour will work, but they do make an ElectroMIX designed for specifically those purposes.

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