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Although our son had never previously got up at 4am to play with an iPad, in recent weeks, he had become increasingly obsessed with the device (and uninterested in other toys).We'd begun to worry about the way he'd started losing his temper, and sometimes turned violent - stamping his feet and even hitting me and my wife - when we tried to ration it. Others may argue that - by ascribing my toddler's display of aggression and disobedience to an 'addiction' - I am somehow seeking to duck responsibility for his behaviour, or my parenting.They are all entitled to their opinion. The key to the device's huge appeal to children, according to experts, is its 'multi-touch' screen, which can understand even the smear of an infant's fist.'In the old days, 2A? years was considered the floor at which a child could use a mouse and keyboard and therefore work a computer,' says Warren Buckleitner, editor of Children's Technology Review. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. He pulled the duvet, to make sure I was awake, then grabbed my hand.'Daddy,' he announced, with a sense of urgency in his little voice.
Before supper that night came another episode.While Katie was cooking, William crept back into our bedroom, found the iPad, and began playing the video game Angry Birds - a hugely addictive game, where little birds are fired, via a slingshot, at piles of pigs (OK, leave it there). I would ask only that they read our story, and speak to other parents with children of a similar age, before leaping to conclusions.
The day after we were rudely awakened at 4am, I decided that enough was enough, and scoured the internet for parenting advice.There are scores of message boards dedicated to the topic of iPad addiction, filled with a cacophony of differing opinion, from child psychologists and parents alike.

Gradually he began to realise that there were other toys in his world.Long-shunned puzzles, train sets and even the occasional book were pulled from dusty shelves. For William's iPad addiction is, I believe, symptomatic of a trend that will affect a generation of youngsters.He was born in June 2010, just two months after Steve Jobs had released the first Apple iPad. But one site stood out.It was the home of Dr Richard Graham, a psychiatrist who runs Britain's only rehab centre for technology addiction, at the Capio Nightingale hospital in Marylebone London.
It was still going on when I arrived home from work half an hour later.'We can't let this carry on,' she shouted, over the screams.
We began to believe there might be light at the end of the technology tunnel.After that, we slowly re-introduced the iPad, but in a controlled fashion.
It includes five key indicators: showing a lack of interest in other activities, constantly talking about technology, displaying mood swings, withdrawal symptoms and devious behaviour. A fortnight ago, it emerged that Apple paid almost A?20a€‰million to settle a class action lawsuit brought by 30,000-odd U.S.
The volume and brightness setting on its screen was always turned down, so as to make it less invasive, and noisy apps that encourage bad behaviour were withdrawn.It was never to be used for more than two hours a day, eked out throughout the day.

The battery was already half empty, suggesting he'd been using it for at least two hours.When I took the iPad away, he began to cry. It is, they will perhaps say, preposterous to suggest that a three-year-old, who happens to be excessively fond of a noisy piece of electronics, is suffering from some sort of dependency.'William crept back into our bedroom, found the iPad, and began playing Angry Birds - a hugely addictive video game.
The tantrum continued so long I could barely feed him breakfast.At school later that day, a nursery teacher observed that William had been lethargic. And after the tear-filled 'cold turkey' period, William has grudgingly accepted his new relationship with the iPad.

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