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Huggies makes the GoodNites Disposable Bed Mats and they are perfect for your little one that is potty training. Once the GoodNite bed mats are applied, they pretty much cover a whole toddler bed, and they are big enough to make sure a regular size bed is covered as well. We will be there for several days, so I need to prepare my list for everything we need to bring for the kids. Most children when away from home have more bedwetting accidents, but I don’t want to put him back in diapers for fear he might regress. It sure does give me a peace of mind knowing that my Grandma’s furniture will be protected while we continue our nighttime training with my children.

They like to bring their own bags, so I like to pack ahead of time with their help and make sure we have everything we will need. That is okay when it is in their own bed at our house, but not too cool when it is in Grandma’s bed. This is an awesome and necessary feature for kids like mine who travel a ton in their sleep.
This system includes the innovative Alano™ Stroller, the top rated SnugRide® Infant Car Seat and a stay-in-car base. It is already stressful enough being away from home without having to go out and grab things that you forgot.

Thankfully, they sell them online and I was able to pick them up site-to-store on my next trip in town.
This fashionable stroller is made with durable elliptical tubing to stand up to rough handling, and comes fully-loaded with convenience features like a one-hand, self-standing fold, a parent’s tray with two deep cup holders, and an easy access drop-down storage basket. And the lockable front swivel wheels with suspension make sure the ride is smooth for everyone.

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