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Hundreds of New York City police officers began clearing Zuccotti Park of the Occupy Wall Street protesters early Tuesday, telling the people there that the nearly two-month-old camp would be “cleared and restored” before the morning and that any demonstrator who did not leave would be arrested…. The best coverage was on Twitter and the several live feeds coming from the moving sites of the protest. Siegel, a civil rights attorney and one of Oakland’s most active and vocal police critics, said the city should have done more to work with campers before sending in police.

Siegel strongly opposed any plan by the city to take down the month-old camp in the days leading up the police raid. The Filter with Fred Roggin is always an enjoyable show for me to do, and I was happy to get to talk about the Occupy movement. At the very least, you will get to hear me fearlessly mangle the lyrics of Bob Dylan’s Ballad of a Thin Man.

Deputy Mayor Sharon Cornu also quit, but said her resignation had nothing to do with the police sweep.

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