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My son loves all sorts of race cars, but most of all, he loves Lightning McQueen, Mater and Francesco Bernoulli, characters from the Disney Pixar Cars movie series.
Having said that, the decor was very simple… checkered black and white race car flags, Disney Cars themed bunting, a few red balloons scattered on the floor and Disney Cars themed plates, serviettes and cups.
But it was on the food that my kids and I had a lot of fun… we let our creative minds run, thinking up food that would match a particular character in the movie. Re-create this Disney Cars birthday party menu by grabbing their free food label printables.
To keep within the Cars theme, we set up our son’s race car toys, trucks and car mat inside the house to keep the children busy as they wait for other guests to arrive. We started the party off with a simple bubble machine, which children of all ages, but most especially toddlers and preschoolers LOVE! Christmas Maze a€“ help Santa to find his reindeer fast so that he can deliver all the gifts to the children on time.Halloween Maze a€“ the witch is looking for Jack Oa€™ Lantern and bat. Have Fun Teaching and Learning.Get Creative Teaching Ideas, Resources and Parenting Tipsdelivered to you FREE!Sign Up Kids Learning Games Newsletter NOW!
The three cases were all children, ranging in age from 15 months to 7 years and are residents of the Twin Cities metro area. The Minnesota Department of Health is in the process of following up with any groups that visited the farm in order to help determine if more people have become ill. I’m a granny caring for a 5 year old during the summer vacation , these ideas will be perfect in keeping my grandson occupied and stimulated. I love these ideas as my birthday is coming up I’m gonna do the maze with the crepe paper as that is the sort of adventure my friends like to do thank so much I found that idea on Pinterest!!!!!
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September 16, 2011 By Myra Hope 45 Comments One of my favorite things to do is crafting and creating with Ridley, our two year old. I love, love, love how this Fall banner is made – with apples cut in half, burlap and paint! I’m a kindergarten teacher and always search for easy fun crafts for them and this list is great!

I really want to do the Pinecone Turkey but the link you have there brings me to the salt leave cookies…is it possible to get the correct link!
Just wanted to let you know that I’ve featured you on our weekly roundup of the Internet’s best blog posts! And to tell you the truth, I did not spend a cent on these paraphernalia, because a friend of mine had these leftover from her child’s Disney Cars party (lucky me!).
I bought foam craft stickers from Kmart, and the children constructed their own cars, sticking on their cars’ wheels and decor. This activity involved mainly sticking the parts of the race car, which my kids and I prepared before the party.
My children and I just had to stretch our creativity and be resourceful to make a truly memorable party without breaking the budget. Once you have the Free Adobe Reader installed, you can download, save or print a copy of the file directly. If your child feel overwhelm with the complexity of the route, do slowly guide him through together.
One child is hospitalized with hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), a serious complication of an E.
The farm owners have been cooperating fully with the investigation and public access to the cattle and goat areas is being prohibited.
I especially like the DIY versions of classics- I would have never thought of them on my own! I particularly love the fact that the felt leaf garland can double as a lacing activity for a bored toddler.
I told him I wanted to add fruit to the menu, but didn’t know which character to slot that with. But best of all, we had a lot of fun preparing for the party days before and making the ideas a reality during the party itself. I don’t always love paper crafts for kids because they spend 15 minutes making it, and then it just clutters up my house. Similar idea, different materials, with the added bonus that everything is closed inside the case. These are SO easy to put together and SO much fun to play with – even I had a good time seeing if I could fling a marshmallow into a target taped on our table.
My kids have always loved marble runs, so it’s great to find a DIY version that even they could create.

I remember playing these games when my boys were little and I was too worn out to figure out anything the least bit complicated. Some of these projects will take more parental involvement than others, but they’re all simple and should appeal to a variety of ages. Friendship bracelets and rainbow loom bracelets are crazy popular right now – but for a simpler version try finger knitting with this easy to follow tutorial.
Pinning to K12’s Pinterest in the hopes that other families use them to beat winter boredom!
Love your projects, ideas, photography…so glad I followed the link from Today’s Creative Blog! I recently started volunteering at a Rec Center, tutoring kids and their homework room needs some serious sprucing up!
After all, I had learned from experience that it is not the cost or elaborateness of a party, but the preparation leading up to the party and just the simple fact of having a few friends over for a few hours along with a lot of free play, are the factors that make a child extremely happy on his special day.
We simply made our favorite chocolate cake recipe, then decorated the top with edible grass and a dirt race track, which we popped the cars on. These people visited Dehn’s on October 18, raising concern that exposures also could have occurred after the weekend of October 12-13. Give the kids a roll of crepe paper and some masking tape and let them go crazy designing mazes and working their way through them. Kids could design their own shapes, get your help for the cutting and hole punching, and then go to town lacing them up. My big kids could do this with no help at all, then battle to see who can get the marble through the maze the fastest. Many of the instructions linked to here are simple enough for older children to follow on their own and even teach to younger siblings. Throw together a couples pairs of stilts using dollar store supplies and wait for the giggle to begin as the kids practice walking with them. The best part is the kids can create a bunch of paintings, then choose their favorite to put on a shirt.

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