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Likewise, the elder designs, kids dresses designs are also presented by well reputed fashion brands. He popped the question while on tour overseas last month, and showed off the massive diamond ring on Instagram.
I've had a lot of great moments in my life but this month has by far been the best time in my life!!!
The couple has known each other for over a decade and live together, but Kid Ink was waiting for the right time to propose. Nas' 2016 takeover continues with The Land, a new star-studded film that he's executive producing.

During the four days of the CPH kids august fair, we had 4 great and renown photographers shooting styles from our exhibitors, put together by our stylist Quinee Balsov. Below you can see some examples of Timm Vladimir, renown actor and from extensive work in Danish film and television, who was at the fair on Thursday. His pictures are experimental, contrasting between grainy and sharp, beautiful and always impressive. Anders focusses very much on getting great perfomances from the children and not so much on digital postproduction. It has been great to host these different photographers and see the outcome of their different approach to children photography.

As usual we are displaying latest and unique kids dresses hope you will like these dresses. Recently, Ditte has begun to do fashion photographs of children and is driven by a great curiosity within this niche. Unfortunately she couldn’t make it last minute, so instead we were honoured by Piet Simonsen, independent photographer within advertising photography.

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