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Ricevi un'email di notifica quando una risposta viene aggiunta a questa discussione e non sei collegato al forum. Ricevi un'email di notifica quando una risposta viene aggiunta a questo forum e non sei collegato al forum. The format for this movie re-release is exactly the same as the previous soundtrack releases on the FTD label, so nothing new here. No discussion on the quality of movie sound tracks this time, that has been done too often.
As for our personal taste, this soundtrack rates in the top half on our personal favourite movie soundtrack list.

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The album, or should we say EP, isn't too slow and songs "King Of The Whole Wide World" and “I Got Lucky” are funny and upbeat enough, so you keep humming it a while.
Getting these great packages we do wonder why not all FTD releases are released in this format. One of Elvis best Soundtrack and also His very best movie and one of my all-time favorite -KID GALAHAD.
The same goes for other songs from the original EP like "Riding The Rainbow" and "This Is Living".

Some 6 years ago we were looking forward to any new “complete sessions” (bootleg) CD, but now we get a bit bored at the 7th version of “King Of The Whole Wide World”.
Next to those fun songs there is a beautiful ballad in the form of “Home Is Where The Heart Is”.

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