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Although we may not know the name of this baby, this three and a half-year-old child contemplates all of the food items they ate while doing his business in the bathroom as Mommy and Daddy from DefinitiveBabySign record the conversation through the door.
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LAKE WYLIE, SC — A teenage shoplifting suspect fought with deputies after she allegedly stole $350 worth of toys and cell phones from a Lake Wylie Walmart and flushed the packaging down a toilet, causing it to overflow, authorities say. A West Virginia couple remains jailed Friday following a shoplifting incident that involved a gun at the Walmart off S.C.
They have so many neat kits and I really love science, it is something that I have always had a lot of interest in and so do my kids! At East Iberville Elementary School in Louisiana, they don't take shit from little kids, literally. His teacher however, failed to recognize his achievement in its proper light and wanted to punish him. It turns out the teacher was part of an "alternative" teaching program, at least that's what the school said after police arrested her and charged her with juvenile cruelty. Neither the students or their parents were told about the day because teachers said they didn't want students to be prepared for the terror and fear (well, at least annoyance and mild confusion) that was to come. As one boy told his dad afterward, the only thing he learned was that he really didn't want to be a Jew.
Most teachers have that voice of reason in their heads that tells them when they're going too far with a child. One teacher in White Plains, New York was apparently deaf to that voice of reason and instead chose to listen to her voice of terrible, terrible ideas. During a history class for seventh graders, a teacher was trying to impress upon her students that slavery really sucked.
To make things even more realistic or something, the teacher forced one student to take part in the demonstration after not getting enough volunteers.

When they were finally released, the student who was made to pretend to be a slave decided that getting tied and stuffed under a desk was some serious bullshit and told her parents.
Uh, yeah, we're thinking if you have a middle school student who loves being tied up and shoved under a desk, you actually have a bigger problem on your hands. So when I came across That’s Gross Science Lab I knew this was something I had to try out! I think one thing we really enjoyed was the mixing toilet, the laughter that came from that was endless.
It is a lot of fun and something that you can do with your kids or with the kid you purchase it for. I received no monetary compensation and my opinions are my own and were not influenced by the sponsor. They're alone with our kids for most of the day, and what they teach them will shape their worldview. Irresponsible or downright crazy teachers wind up teaching our kids lessons we'd rather they'd kept to themselves. So when a seven-year-old boy managed to clog up the toilet at school his teacher did the only rational thing she could think of: She made him unclog it with his bare hands.
Feeling the need to take care of business, he asked to go to the bathroom and, in his own words, "made the toilet overflow with toilet paper and poo." Such a feat by a seven-year-old is something we at Cracked actually find fairly impressive and deserving of proper respect. After the arrest, the school had to close down the other alternative programs, including the home economics sweat shop and pre-school coal mine. The other members are apparently on the fence, maybe because she didn't actually follow through on her threat about making the boy use his teeth. Hands-on lessons are easy for things like learning to draw a picture of a turkey by tracing your hand, but harder for subjects like history. These students were supposed to be the Jewish students and throughout the day they were persecuted by not being able to use certain water fountains and not allowed to sit down. Apparently the teachers felt that you really couldn't half-ass something like the Holocaust. We're pretty sure this is the almost the exact opposite of what the teachers were hoping the kids would learn.

This voice usually chimes in before they try to tie up their students' hands and legs with tape. Fearing that her students wouldn't take her word for it, she felt that the only way to really get the point across would be to make the students feel what slaves went through.
And of course, the teacher, who was white, chose a black student to participate because she really wanted to make a Cracked list. When they complained to the school, the superintendent admitted this was a bad idea if it upset the student. They really like different things and sometimes just weird stuff, I am a girl so anything a boy likes is weird. And because the sight of a crying seven-year-old elbow deep in a toilet wasn't sad enough, she threatened to make him use his teeth next time. This didn't stop the teachers at Apopka Memorial Middle School in Florida, who decided that it would be really fun to have "Holocaust" day at school. That same voice probably gets a little louder when that teacher is trying to decide whether or not to stuff those students under a desk. Just like how you need to push people off a building to show them how hitting the ground would really hurt. Afterward, she encouraged her class to taunt the boy by calling him "sissy hands," which must be some kind of devastating slam in Louisiana, since "shit hands" was so much more appropriate for the situation. So this year I am thankful that SmartLab is helping me out with my shopping list this year! Though I imagine she will become a scientist so being able to do experiments was really her highlight!

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