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Its actually quite nice to have a bathtub and sink handy for clean up after those particularly messy projects.
Under the sink we keep a large roll of paper, a roll of bubble wrap, sheets of construction paper, coloring books, a box of paper scraps, a trash basket, empty egg cartons, empty toilet paper rolls, markers, colored pencils, crayons. Instead of toilet paper, we’ve hung a roll of receipt paper, mainly used for testing coloring and techniques before applying them to whatever project LittleMan maybe working on. On the wall directly opposite the door is the towel rack, a baking sheet, and two action figures (Captain Creativity and Inspire, more on them in a post yet to come).
We also have a small water wall made entirely made from objects bought at DollarTree (have I mentioned thats my favorite store?).
We also have a small linen closet literally right outside the door, we utilize the upper shelves in this closet for art, science, and other homeschooling supplies. We do alot of sensory bins so we needed a place to store all the rice, beans, shredded paper and the like so we tucked it all away in a 5 gallon bucket all the way at the bottom of the closet, behind the kids’ dress-up and teddybear dress-up costumes. Big thank you goes out to Tinkerlab for inspiring me to post about our art room with her recent post, Evolution of the Art Table. The Homeschoolers went from a 4 bedroom, 1 bathroom house with a garage and fenced-in back yard to our current 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment.

Besides having hooks to keep scissors and tape handy, we also have page protectors framed by duct tape and hung on the wall, this is an easy and affordable way of displaying the children’s finished works. From left to right and top to bottom: popsicle sticks, buttons, marbles, glitter, rubber bands, beads, glass gems, clothes pins, string, googley eyes, feathers, pom poms, foam stickers, letter and number stickers, foam shapes (non-adhesive), bottle cap stamps.
It may not look like much to you or I, but both LittleMan and SunnyGirl get alot of use out of those funnels and tubes.
We also keep a giant sponge handy (this might sound odd but it’ll be explained in a future post).
The days of painting in the back yard were over; we had to find ways to make art fit into our tiny new home. Right now the baking sheet is displaying something SunnyGirl colored while with our sitter. A bottle of bubbles (yellow, top of the pic), a spray bottle, paints and brushes, a bag of foam shapes are all things we like to keep handy in our bath tub. Cleaning supplies are all the way at the top, stickers and glowsticks and the like are towards the bottom. Its been awhile since she’s posted a creative table challenge but I recommend browsing previous challenges for fun ideas.

While it might be unorthodox, we converted our second bathroom into a small studio for the children. To the side of the toilet you can see we have a couple white boxes flattened and kept on hand for future projects.
The only reason those are up so high is because we just don’t use fake flowers very often. Another great place to look around and get the creative juices flowing is her #creative table group on Instagram.
In front of the toilet is a step stool, primarily used as a seat for our 4 year old, though occasionally moved and used to reach the sink.
Its attached to the wall via velcro strips so we can take it down and use it for magnetic work sheets.

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