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Join Kim for an hour of themed sequences, storytelling and music to engage the natural energy and enthusiasm of children in this four-week series. Join Leah Barron for this playful class in a comfortable and caring environment to give you and baby (ages 2 months to 2 years) an opportunity to grow together.
Join Leah Barron for a fun and interactive class designed to get the whole family involved. Gift yourself and your family this awesome opportunity to rejuvenate your spirit as you take the time to laugh and play together. Accede GRATIS!Completa este formulario y obten Acceso Instantaneo y GRATIS al primer video de la Serie de Yoga Iyengar.

Each class will explore yoga poses, breathing exercises, visual imagery and relaxation techniques that build social, sensory, and motor skills while increasing flexibility. Music, storytelling, games, and activities will be used to teach basic yoga poses, breathing techniques, and strategies for relaxation.
The classes are rooted in aligning children’s bodies in a way that makes them feel safe, grounded, embodied and connected.
This playful series conveys lessons in self-expression, social skills, and positive thinking.
Through the art of using stories and topics related to children’s interests and experiences as themes, students will learn how to properly align their bodies in poses that challenge their strength and flexibility.

En este articulo queremos compartir algunos respuestas, con consejos e informacion, sobre la practica del yoga para ninos.
Cooperative yoga games at the end of each class are sure to inspire positive peer interactions that children can carry into their everyday lives.
Certified children’s yoga instructors can come to a party you are already holding and lead a yoga activity, or we can create a yoga themed party with a games and crafts for you.

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