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Amazon: KidKraft Wooden Train Table with Bins, 100 Wooden Play Pieces & FREE Gund Teddy Bear!!! If you are interested in purchasing, be sure to add the 2011 Gund Teddy Bear to your cart as well!
Coppertone Sunscreen: STOCK UP Deal Ideas at Tops or Wegmans, plus FREE Ticket To See Finding Dory (or other Disney Movie)! Every child is an individual with a limitless capacity to create and explore so let them run wild with Kidkraft's wooden toys and room furnishings!
KidKraft's bold, colorful toys and practical children's furniture are great for play time, education, and as heirloom pieces. We will not add your or your friend's email address to our mailing list without permission.
Let your child's imagination roll with the Metropolis Train Table and Set from KidKraft. Help your future engineer's imagination jump into overdrive with this mountain train table set from KidKraft.

About This Train Table   The colorful base map with water, grass, and existing roads makes kids think creatively about where to place the wooden tracks.
The train set is loaded with fun features and interactive pieces and the high-quality wooden table takes playtime off the floor. Kidkraft has been an industry leader in creating and manufacturing fun, safe and quality products since 1968. Let your kids get creative with their large selection of play kitchens and kitchen sets for both boys and girls, or give their coordination and building skills a try with train tables and sets. Your kid will have an entire city at the tip of his or her fingers, and play will be more comfortable because the train set is off the floor. The table brings play time up off the floor and puts a whole city at your child's fingertips. With a 120-piece accessory set that includes everything from wooden people to an airport, your children will have no trouble using their imaginations to create a mountain town built around the wooden tracks and trains they already have. The ability to build their own roads with a mountain, tunnel, and bridge obstacles further encourages original ideas.

Because KidKraft was founded by engineers (yes, engineers!) the craftsmanship and integrity of their designs go beyond what meets the eye so you can be confident that your child is getting the best during play time. Read, draw and learn with their table and chair sets or practice role playing with their dollhouses, some which are the perfect size for Barbie! There are tons of features to delight the eyes, including a drive-through mountain tunnel and a two-tiered bridge. Three plastic storage bins hang under the table to hold extra accessories and track pieces when they aren't being used. KidKraft also has a large selection of toy boxes, toddler beds, step stools, easels and more! The train table also provides storage for toys, books, and other kid essentials in the trundle drawer below the action.

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