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Welcome Paul & Jaylee Balch have traveled the Earth teaching in the areas of Self Mastery, Yoga, Meditation, Hypnosis, Dreams, Corporate Coaching, Intensive Retreats, Healing, and much more. Premier Yoga WorkshopA premier workshop that will change even the most experienced instructors. Being a creature with a rather large imagination, I wish to share my rather large imagination with any soul who wishes to walk a little ways with me.

I have found that the secret to learning, healing, evolving, growing, changing and sleeping, is the right-eous or right-use of imagination. In my hypnotherapy, counseling, graphix, writing and teaching career, imagination plays a mountainous part. From stories that inspire and aspire, to drawings that enchant and bring joy to meditations that awaken and stimulate the greatest part of the human brain!
I have created stories so that you may share my imagination if for only a little while and enjoy the profound messages within them.

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