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October 1, 2014 By Mihaela Leave a Comment Cancer (the crab) is one of the most difficult zodiac signs to understand. Cancerians are very patriotic so they feel great in historical figures costumes – knights, Abraham Lincoln, etc.
Mihaela runs Best Toys 4 Toddlers blog and loves to come up with new ideas how to use old toys her 2 daughters keep leaving on the floor to slip over. We are 3 chatty girls who spend much of our time playing, thinking how to create simple homemade toys, and ways to bring new glory to old abandoned toys.

American Retro Classic Pedal Airplane – Air KnightThe American Retro Classic Pedal Airplane was inspired by the greatly loved 1941 Steelcraft US Army Patrol Plane. She loves them despite the fact that they call her mommy few hundred times a day, and it makes her nuts. This plane is made with the same heavy gauge steel just like the originals but with added chrome accents including the windshield, chrome hood ornament, steering wheel, exhaust ports, hood scoops, propeller and hub caps. They seem unsociable to some people, but they enjoy chatting and gossiping as much as anyone else.

They enjoy art, writing, and drama, but acting may not be a good career for them because of their tendency to Overact. Cancer is the sign most likely to believe in the zodiac, as well as other psychic happenings.

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