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In our first two blogs about potty training we talked about how to recognize the signs of readiness and the basics of helping your child learn to use the potty.
Finally, after spending a few days at home near the bathroom, everyone will be more than ready to leave the house! Cotton training pants can catch a small accident, and regular underpants will only catch the smallest accident – in both cases you’ll need to change your child’s underwear and probably her clothes.  The advantage of having your child go straight to underwear or cotton training pants is that they offer more feedback to the child about how to control his bladder and bowels. 6) What if you are not confident your child can stay dry away from home?  Certainly the first time you leave the house without a diaper can be nerve-wracking for the parent! In our next potty training post, we’ll cover nighttime and nap time dryness, as well as how to handle common potty training setbacks.
Pin ItOne of the benefits of potty training early is you won’t need to carry so many diapers, wipes, and creams everywhere you go. Until your child is 100 percent accident free, which will take about four to 14 months depending on when you started potty training full time (starting at 18 months or older is known to take longer in studies), do your best have them wear cloth training pants when leaving the house. A wet bag is designed to hold used cloth diapers until you can get them to a washing machine.
Once you’ve committed to potty training full time, you will no longer need the large diaper bag to carry a day’s supply of diapers. You can use a car seat protector for those emergencies when your child has to go now and doesn’t make it to the next bathroom stop. A common complaint of any piddle pad car seat protector is that they do not hold the amount of liquid that occurs during an accident.
Since these are water resistant pads, designed to contain accidents, they are not breathable and they do trap heat.
Another option for a car seat protector that will not heat your child, but also will not be as absorbent is to just lay down a layer or two of receiving blankets. A toilet trainer seat, also known as a toilet seat reducer, on the other hand, is a seat insert that fits on a regular toilet seat, creating a smaller seat and opening for a little boy or girl. With toilet training seats, there are no special receptacles to empty and clean; just flush the toilet after your child finishes going to the bathroom. Finally, many parents view a child toilet seat as an ideal tool to help their young child transition more easily and successfully to using the regular toilet. Selecting the right baby potty seat can help motivate your child to succeed in toilet seat training. Potty training girls or boys is made a lot easier by choosing the right child toilet seat, as so many parents have discovered. That said, many parents have been happy with their purchase and expressed their approval by giving certain baby toilet seats numerous five-star reviews. This toilet trainer by Babybjorn has more than 300 five-star reviews to its name, even though it’s one of the more expensive models.
This is another toilet seat training system that can also be used as a self-contained potty chair. Your child may be ready for a toilet training seat or a potty chair; you may choose one or the other depending on various factors. After potty training both of my kids (one boy and one girl) I’ve developed a list of tips and must haves for potty training that have literally saved my sanity. For each successful pee or poop in the potty, give your child a small reward to encourage them and make it fun. Order dinner out the first night (or have a dinner pre-made) You will be so  tired that the last thing you want to do is worry about what to make for dinner! For the sake of my sanity, I chose to keep my kids in Pull-Ups for nap time and at night while potty training until they stayed dry on a regular basis.
If you child calls them diapers, gently correct them so they know they still are expected to keep them dry and clean. I hate to say it but most kids (including both of mine) have major oppositions to pooping on the potty. This is my first time too, my little girl is almost 28 months old and showing all signs of being ready to potty train.

I would slowly get her used to using a normal toilet in an environment she feels comfortable in, like home or Grandma’s house.
Yes I know it’s challenging potty training when you have more than one child to care for! I’m not sure on your exact situation but I would say try to do what you can to make it a fun process. So, she *could* have 2 accidents in one night without having to put anything new on her bed!
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If your child has been able to get to the potty at home without accidents for a day or two, you can take this show on the road. Depending on your child’s response to potty training, your level of comfort with accidents, and your patience with the learning process, your child could wear regular underwear, training pants, pull-ups, or even a diaper. Invest in a travel seat or travel potty and practice setting it up and using it at home first.  Make sure that it is sturdy enough to support your child!  One brand we particularly like is the Potette Plus – it’s very sturdy on most toilet seats, and it can also be used alone or with a plastic bag if you find yourself far away from a toilet. When you arrive at a location away from home, invite your child to check out the bathroom with you – what it looks like, how far it is located from wherever you are spending your time.  Ask him if he wants to practice going to the bathroom here. Just like at home, accidents will happen, and the best thing you can do to support your child is to remain calm, clean him up, and assure him that he’ll make it to the potty the next time. However, there are still a few potty training supplies that you will want to get to make leaving the house while potty training easier and less stressful.
Early potty trainers are too small to fit onto any toilet seat, but especially public ones that tend to be extra large.
This way you keep the process moving forward because you will not rely on the backup of a disposable training pant. The Summer Infant Piddle Pad is favored by many parents because it does stay in place and contains messes relatively well.
However, these complaints are usually from parents potty training well past the age of two. The experience can be both challenging and rewarding, and you might want to buy the best toilet training seat to help your young son or daughter achieve a measure of independence in the bathroom. Some children also, for some reason, become curious about their feces and want to touch it. It’s important to choose a seat that your baby will like and feel comfortable in, so that he will have no reservations about continuing to use it. One with crevices or seams can be more difficult to clean, and your child’s skin might get pinched in those spaces. Compare the three toilet training seat models below to help you make a more informed buying decision. People who have purchased it love it because it’s easy for a child to learn how to put the seat on the toilet, it fits securely even on curved, elongated toilets, and it feels solid and sturdy.
It can actually be used as a stand-alone potty chair or as a potty seat placed on top of a regular toilet seat. I’m really struggling with getting my little one to tell me BEFORE that she needs to go.
First time I gave up before the end of day 1 because she cried asking for a diaper, second time she got really sick on day 2 and now we are on our 2nd day with no successful potty trips yet. We are doing pretty well using the potty during the day, but she is still in diapers at night.
But it was always a little easier when I focused on it and just did it with the best attitude I could muster up!

I’ll be starting my last child before I know it, and she has an older sister who will want to get it on all the prizes. It’s not all Greek—but rather a Hebrew riddle for the most hated devil back in the day. Here are a few best practices for leaving the house with a toddler who is still learning to use the potty. A travel potty seat will give your child a comfortable place to sit and relax, reducing the chance that she will become fearful of public toilets.
All you have to do is open the bag and dump it and the contents out into a washing machine when you get home. It just needs to be large enough to carry a change of clothes, wet bag, and your travel potty seat.
Later on, we’ll also show you some of the best toilet training seats according to the highest ratings and reviews from consumers.
You can place this in any room of the house, leaving the bathroom free for use by other people.
This could also happen if they use a normal toilet; however, their waste is much more accessible to them in a potty chair. Also, check if the seat has a wide base as this will help ensure that the seat stays stable.
One parent said it was a lifesaver when they were at the beach and her toddler needed to go to the bathroom, and they were able to use it as a potty chair.
As you can see, there are toilet training systems that can function either as a self-contained potty chair or as a toddler toilet seat reducer. We went out tonight for the first time since starting we and brought our potty seat that sits on the toilet seat, so each time she told us she need to go potty we took the seat into the Taco Bell bathroom… Do you have any suggestions? The Mommy’s Helper Cushie Traveler and Kalencom 2-in-1 Potette Plus are two of the best choices for a travel potty seat. If you want more protection, Blueberry cloth training pants and FuzziBunz Trickle Free Trainers are more water resistant and also come in sizes that fit children younger than 24 months.
This makes them perfect for holding dirty clothes should your child have an accident while you are out. It’s small and compact, the perfect size for older infants and young toddlers, and folds up easily. Parents have given it rave reviews because of its sturdiness, the lack of extra parts to assemble or disassemble, and the seat’s snug fit on full-size toilets. We recommend you investigate these products further and read the toilet training seat reviews to buy the right one for your child’s needs. We set the timer on my phone every 30 minutes, run to the potty, and if we go and are dry, then he gets an egg with a treat. She tells me when she has to go potty before hand, but when it comes to going ON the potty she screams and cries. Who would have ever thought that moving back to the suburbs with loved ones would bring me so much bliss?
Potty chairs for boys also usually have a splash guard to keep urine from splashing around. Here are some of the other things that reviewers like about this padded toilet seat training system. When she finally calms down and sits on it for awhile, she specifically holds it and will go shortly after getting off all over the floor. I tried showing her she can get special treats that are only for potty time, but it’s not working.

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