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We noticed that you're using an outdated browser, the ProductReview website may not display properly. We needed a secure baby gate for the bottom of our stairs, but because our stairs are unusual at the bottom (unparallel walls) a standard baby gate would not work.
I purchased two of these to fence in part of the living room but once my 1yr old could climb onto the sofa I simply connected them together to give my 1yr old a large play area.
I have been very happy with this product except that it can only be used as a safety gate if it is screwed to the wall. A bit heavy but we knew this( I also feel confident our bub will not knock it over as she grows, only screws to walls so you can't move it about.
We bought this as a fire guard to put around our gas heater, and it is great for that purpose. I researched a lot before I purchased this as I didn't want a hideous thing I had to store all the time, but wanted something safe, secure and the included rug is fantastic. Doesn't look hideous and easy to put into corners etc rather than having a massive playpen taking up all the room.
We bought this to protect DD from our spiral staircase to the lower floor - it was the only one on the market that would even come close to working for our particular situation. It is more expensive than other play pens, but offers so many more options and security that it is worth it. I mainly need to know how to JOIN and TAKE OFF each panel in order to do the 2 setups I want.
If you don't understand what I want to do, is there any instructions booklet for this product? If you disconnect the plastic connector from both panels, make sure you keep an eye on the plastic connectors because they can easily spin around and you can end up with the top and bottom facing in different direction. The play pen also comes with two wall connector (they have a large plastic bit running down the bar), these need to be removed if you want to make it a play pen. This stair gate from Lindam is an entirely unremarkable product, except for one feature: it has an integral alarm which sounds when the gate is opened. My most pressing question is the same one I know yours will be: can you over-ride the alarm? Find the Stair Gate youre looking for amongst the retractable stairgates, wide stairgates, tall stairgates, wooden stairgates, child stairgates products that we have previewed for you.
Below we have grouped all of the Stair Gate we can find into pages of up to 50 items at a time.
Incorporating the Lindam U shaped pressure fit power frame for ultimate strength when in position together with a dual action opening system and secondary locking mechanism for added safety.

The versatile two way opening Extending Metal gate is designed to fit an opening from 62cm to, a massive 102cm without the need for extensions.
The Lindam Safe and secure play pen is designed to be used in multiple combinations ideal for restricting access to hazardous areas around the home. I recently bought a wooden playpen for €70 on adverts.iefor a fraction of the price new (approximately ?151 (€187) ex-delivery). We would have had to have the gate on the second step, which of course isn't safe enough.
I expected that it would be able to be attached via pressure screws i.e wind them out until it fits snug in the space. I like the fact that you can adjust it to whatever shape will fit into the space that you have available.
To collapse you have to push buttons down and pull sides out, which can be quite difficult and we need two people to do it.
I bought this product as I wanted something heavy enough that my little one couldn't push around on the floor boards. It has a gate which is as easy to open as a standard child gate and makes it easy for an adult to enter to pick up child or pack up toys. If we could have chosen one with a different, smoother-working gate mechanism, we would have done, but overall, this gate is working well for us.
We purchased the Lindam safe and secure play pen, so that our baby could be safe playing with her toys while mum was doing tasks like ironing, mopping etc.
Can anyone advise how to dismantle each panel, I can work out how to manipulate the positioning. I've seen it as a room divider and the door panel is in the middle for entry in the middle and not via the end near a wall. I use a chop stick to push the pin down then you can push the panel free out of the plastic connector, once you have done the bottom one then do the same to the top. Should it remain open for more than a few seconds, another, louder alarm kicks in, thus ensuring that you always remember to close it after you.
Easy to install, the quick release fittings allow the gate to be removed and replaced quickly and easily to suit your lifestyle.
To help make this endeavor Do not place a crib, playpen, highchair, or bed anywhere near blind cords. The playpen was in perfect condition as it was virtually unused by the original owner, whose baby had refused to sit in it!
I very good locking mechanism but I can see the potential for getting the web of your hand caught.

It features a gate which is as easy to open and close, making it easy for you to enter to pick up your baby. The only thing I don't like is the catch on the gate, which seems to be poorly made relative to the rest of the play pen. More heavy than the wood playpens, but means my daughter can't push it around, which she has done with other playpens in the past. I wanted a playpen that would be safe, last multiple children, have a gate to save my back, be of quality fabrication and fold away compactly for when its not needed. It comes with wall attachments enabling it to be used as a fence or it can be used in the freestanding hexagon configuration.
This was the only play pen product that we could find that could conform to nearly any shape and was able to be used as a secure barrier rather than just a circular play pen. We removed some of the panels and were able to fashion it into a very neat and secure fence around the bottom of our stairs.
It comes with a number of attachments so it to be used as a fence or it can be used in the freestanding hexagon shape, which I much prefer. I certainly wouldn't want to be opening and shutting this gate all the time like we do with our stair gates. As pointed out in the Choice report on playpens, there is the risk of a finger pinch hazard in the shutting of the gate, especially around the bottom section - you must ensure you keep the gate shut as a little person might pull the gate shut themselves and jam their fingers. This product can attach to walls making it usable as a room divider, or as we have used in a corner to make an extra large play area. I didn't imagine we'd be able to find such a perfect solution at such a good price, so thank you Lindam!
The major reason I close this play pen as it has a baby gate style door which opens and closes. We have been able to leave it set up with the gate open allowing our baby to enter and exit as she pleases for regular play time. She loves it, as it also provides a secure structure for her to stand with and practice walking along. Journalist Susan Gregory Thomas traces the drive to buy a smarter baby to a 1994 Carnegie Corporation report on the importance of nurturing and stimulation for babies Little ones can also happily do these activities in an exersaucer, on the floor, in a playpen or at the table or just use a dollop of any dark or brightly colored baby food.

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