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I adapted and have added to the the process as described in Toilet Training in Less than a Day. 2-- A few days before "Training Day" take Child to buy undies They pick whatever they want! 4--Night before--- I think it is critical to make sure you let child know that tomorrow we are throwing all our diapers away and we are going to learn to use the potty. 12 -- Practicing Show child with the dolly how you have to practice running to the potty, and running fast whenever you feel pee pee needs to come out. 14--Accidents You are bound to have an accident before you have a success on the potty. The principles in the book are good, but the book itself is outdated and hard to follow at times. We try and take our little ones potty before they go to bed, and when we go to bed around 11:00. Some daycares will work with children, others require them to be in pullups if they are still having accidents.
So why would you consider putting him in a diaper or pullup for a trip to the grocery store, or a road trip to Grandma's??

You can read the whole chapter on readiness in ANY potty training book and all will say the same thing (well most will say the same thing) Neither of my children showed any interest in the potty. Your job is to ask consistently (and that means every 1-2 minutes at first) "Are your undies dry?
My method for prizes changes so that child does not think every time they go potty they get a prize.
If child continues to wake up in morning with a dry pull up for 1 week straight, try going overnight in undies. Hopefully after a few days your child will not be having accidents, but I would talk to a director about it. About 30 minutes into training, start prompting child to go potty even if they don't ask to. But this will pass, and soon enough your child will be able to potty at home and hold it a few hours while you run errands. But get out, get a snack somewhere, show them quickly that they can pee pee in potties at other places. Make a big deal out of taking that diaper off, and throwing it away and picking out the child's FIRST pair of undies!

So the day you buy your undies, let child know they can't wear them until we learn to use the potty.
First, pour yourself a glass of water, because you are about to talk like a broken record for the next 2 hours. Do not confuse them by telling them it is okay it pee pee in their pull up while in the car. Have an arsenal of salty snacks, sweet treats, and yummy drinks (chocolate milk and gatorade are some faves here) any drink your child will chug. I think my husband might be totally stoked if I got HIM a mounted urinal in our master bath. Now, i don't use the baby potties, and I personally think you need to teach your child to try and hold it until you can get somewhere.

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