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So Claire obviously thinks this family is rolling in moolah because she went and adopted a puppy! Love the white with black stripes Adidas they are my favorite.So if mine mess up will steal yours unless you have tiny baby feet then I will use them as cute paperweights. I took my two real life pooches to a brand new off leash area just for tiny dogs yesterday. I wish I had time to put together stories and screenshots, and get more creative with the Sims. Thus far today, my vampire sisters have gone about their usual business: Evangeline demanding compliments and making enemies with anyone who refuses to give her one, and Drusilla swiping everything she can. Just who is this mystery Sim,who was overweight and I simply took in the BODY SCULPTOR ONLY and added nothing else not even makeup just a different hairstyle.And what is that odd shirt she is wearing.???? With tears comes resolve, and Skylar resolved to dedicate herself to her studies, her music, and her career. At Kaydence's suggestion, Skylar began putting together a portfolio of pictures for her meeting with the producer.
While Skylar was taking her pics for her portfolio, her parents were taking in a movie and a relaxing dinner at the bistro. But Sierra is notoriously difficult to get a hold of, and by the time Skylar got there, she was speeding off to the gym in a limo.
To prove she was serious about dedicating herself to her music, Skylar spent most of the rest of the afternoon on Sunday playing for tips in the park during the spring festival.
Ironically, more people stood to listen to her perform in the park than showed up for her last gig.

Meanwhile, back at the mansion, baby brother Sawyer was having a slumber party, and the house was filled with kids. I think I forgot to mention that Lucas did get pregnant during his second abduction and had a son.
I should mention, Tiffany slapped Ciara first, next thing I know, Ciara wanted to fight her.
Continued from page 448: Don Lothario and Laurel Grisby from Riverview got married, moved into a new place, and had twin girls. It was a Sunday, a big day today because Grandma and Grandpa were coming over to play with the twins!! Grandma Yvette plays the piano for April, while Grandpa Walter checks out the latest game on the computer in the back.
Then Daddy Don took a turn at the piano, while Grandpa Walter played along with his guitar.
It was tough to get everyone together in a picture because Walter and Yvette are townies and not controlled by me.
Later after Grandma and Grandpa went home, the kids went to bed, Laurel almost had a nervous breakdown. After I bought a bowl, toybox and little bed the family had a whopping $17.00 in the household fund! She has dad's eyes which I find amusing since I changed the color of Jared's eyes about a day before Claire gave birth to Lilly. I play it non-stop, my kids had to kick me off their computer I was playing it sooooooooo much!!!

It had its official opening yesterday too so they got to play with the other dogs on day 1. When I am in buy mode and select a car, I get four boxes (delete, share, randomize, add to collection) on the pop up window. I am partial to a little bit of hair on the chest, but the wild child in me can also appreciate the tattoos. I'm trying to remember if he's my first child Sim that has had the Brave trait and if that's what causes that? But the game default setting adds too many I think--even one or two more can cause routing problems.
And the gardening station has a seed spawner, so once in a while it would spawn a money tree seed. Of course, if Marcus was to ever cheat on her, she would handle him and not put up with that.
Luckily the glitch happened before the parents even left, so I went back to a save just before that. They have trouble navigating the world at times, especially when they all herd together as they often do.

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