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Our indoor boot camp incorporates a variety of different training styles - giving you a unique and different workout each week. Simply click on the Renew now button below, select the class, the number of passes and payment preference.
Be the first to know about our upcoming schedule, early bird registration rates & deals and news about our current and future classes. We recommend that all new moms have their postnatal exam (usually 6-8 weeks after birth) prior to starting any physical activities. We offer 6 weeks sessions, either once or twice a week - depending on the current class schedule. For those moms who know in advanced that a weekly class may not fit into their schedule, or want to apply passes longer than the session 6 weeks, you can choose the dates of classes that best work for you. Our experience instructor can modify many of the movements to incorporate your little one - ensuring giggles and smiles.
We understand that sometimes class just isn't in the cards, whether it's because the wee one is fussy or not well, or you have a conflicting appointment. Mother and baby fitness classes are a godsend to new mamas who want to lose some of that post-pregnancy bulge. Whether you are looking for swap the dumbbells for newborns, perform squats with tots or perform an upward facing dog with your sprog, there are some pretty good mother and baby fitness classes available where it’s totally okay, in fact expected, that you show up with a stroller. Here’s out lowdown on fab fitness classes you can attend in Singapore with baby in tow; just make sure you bring some determination along with the baby wipes. Popular with the expat crowd, Mother and Child offers postnatal classes at both their East Coast and Tanglin Mall offices.
Inspire Mum and Baby offer a course of postnatal yoga classes on a private or private group basis. OMG yoga is slightly different from some of the other postnatal yoga classes on offer in Singapore because baby gets a work out too.
If you’re looking for a wider range of postnatal yoga classes in Singapore that you can attend without bub in tow, check out our guide to Postnatal yoga in Singapore. Not for the feint of heart, baby boot camps can be provide pretty serious workouts that demands burpees but allows burp cloths, so if you enrol for these mother and baby fitness classes be prepared to sweat! Ooberfit runs their baby boot camp sessions on Mondays and Fridays at the Botantical Gardens. Bloom ‘n Fit offer their great strolltastic classes, which take place in the Botanic Gardens and the East Coast Park. Mother and baby pilates classes are a great option for mamas who want to regain their pre-pregnancy strength and conditioning. In addition to their mother and baby yoga classes, Mother and Child also offer postnatal pilates classes for new mamas.
How Much Should You Pay Your Helper?February 20, 2016, No Comments on How Much Should You Pay Your Helper? Are Insect Repellents Safe for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women?January 27, 2016, 1 Comment on Are Insect Repellents Safe for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women? Taking babies as young as four months old to a class is becoming an increasingly popular trend.
Classes should be about the parent and child having fun, rather than trying to teach a baby or toddler the proper form.

Enjoy HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Tabata, and Pyramid training, all incorporating short bursts of cardio between strengthening and toning exercises - kick starting your post natal recovery and giving you more energy, helping you sleep better (when baby lets you) and relieving some of that new baby stress! However, if you have a mover (usually 9mos and older) and are concerned you'll be chasing your little one rather than participating, you may want to consider our Mom & Toddler MOVE classes.
In some cases, your wee one might sleep through the entire class or be happy enough to lay beside you - giving you an opportunity to workout on your own. We're happy to provide one free make-up class per 6 week session for once a week participants and two free make up classes for twice a week participants.
Whether you're expecting or have a new little one, we want to ensure your safety is a priority. Mamas bring their baby along to the session and strike some serious poses, in some cases using bub as a prop. Mamas are welcome to join any time at least six weeks after a natural delivery, or 12 weeks after a caesarean section. Their postnatal yoga classes focus on poses that help new mothers to regain strength and stability in the core abdominal, pelvic floor and back. Private sessions are $1100 for ten sessions, group sessions are $300 per hour with a minimum of six participants. Again, this is a private group or individual class that you can arrange according to your own personal schedule (or baby’s as the case may be). The fees for private sessions vary according to the group size but range from $250 – $420 for four one-hour sessions a month.
Operated by fitness expert Sam Blakey, who is a mother of five herself, you can be rest assured that you’re getting a thorough workout from someone who has been there, done that and knows the toil pregnancy takes on a mama’s body. The program is designed to help mamas regain their core strength and functionality after pregnancy. If you know of a great workout every mama should sign up for, please leave a comment and share your pearls of wisdom.
Singapore Baby is jam packed full of useful resources, articles and ideas that will make navigating Singapore with a stroller a breeze. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Classes that were once intended for crawlers and walkers are now being offered for even younger babies. Spending time together and playing is a fun way to bond with the baby and get out of the house. In some communities, mommy and me music and movement classes are offered through the local community center or other organization. If you're concerned about your little one becoming fussy, we recommend a baby carrier giving your baby some mom snuggles and freeing up your arms to participate with modifications. For winter classes, our rule of thumb is: If school buses are cancelled, all morning classes will be cancelled.
They also share some deep-breathing relaxation exercises, which are bound to come in handy during stressful situations, like when bub pukes in the car seat as you’re heading out the door to an important meeting. To arrange private sessions you will need at least six people, so be prepared to rope some other mamas into coming along with you.
Babies don’t participate in this one, but Sam is happy for you to bring along baby to enjoy a peaceful morning snooze in the shade.

The upper body will also receive a good work out so that you can develop the strength you’re going to need to deal with a crawling, walking bub further down the line. Whether you’re seeking inspiration, recommendations, practical information or just good ol’ escapism from dirty bums and teething, we’ve got what you’re looking for. Now studios in major cities and even some smaller cities are offering yoga classes for mother and baby.
In these classes, babies move to music and play with simple instruments such as shakers, maracas or drums. Make up classes are available for the odd missed class, however, if you know you are going to miss 2 or more classes due to vacation or appointments, you may want to consider a flexible package, therefore freeing up your spot for another mom and baby the weeks you are not available. We ask that you select your dates to the best of your knowledge at the time of registration. Select the type of class and the amount of passes you would like to add (you can apply your passes to more than one type of class) and then pay online via paypal or pay at the studio via credit card, cash or cheque. Even if your class is scheduled for later in the morning - we want to ensure the side walks, parking and driving is safe.
Interested mamas should note that there are currently only two postnatal yoga sessions a week so a larger package may be difficult to use up.
They recommend that mothers wait until four to six weeks after vaginal birth and 10 weeks after a caesarean section to take this class. What sets this boot camp apart from some of the others is that Sam concentrates on restoring mama’s post-pregnancy body and helping you to restore your core after the stresses and strains of carrying a bub. You may be wondering what is available and if the classes are worth the time and money needed to attend. Proponents of these classes say that yoga has benefits for babies, including relieving gas and constipation. The baby will benefit from play time with mommy or daddy, whether it takes place at home, at the park or in a class setting. The dates available on the registration form, reflect the open spots for those particular classes. You are asked to indicate at least the first class of each class you will be attending - and if you know your schedule, to indicate how all your passes will be distributed. You will be notified via email as early as possible (approx 7 am) as well, announcements on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will be posted. Don’t be in too much of a rush after giving birth though: to participate in these mother and baby fitness classes mums must be minimum 6 weeks postnatal and have been given the all clear from their OB to participate in exercise. You will need to take along a towel and water and there is no need to preregister… get yourself down there and lungeing! Some places have open time where members can come in and play on the equipment without attending a class. If you are unsure at the time of registration, not to worry, just chat with your instructor and remember to sign the sign in sheet for each class.

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