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Jennifer Wenner has posted a beautiful demonstration of geologic time using toilet paper for the timeline at SERC. This is a great demonstration because as you unroll the toilet paper you get a great feel for the long spans of time in the preCambrian when nothing much happens, and then, as you approach the present, events occur faster and faster.
The SERC webpage has a spreadsheet with most of the important dates marked and translated into toilet paper units.
Montessori Muddle by Montessori Muddle is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. With a larger class, and quite a bit of space in the gym, I had more flexibility working on the toilet paper timeline compared to the last time. I built in a friendly race to see which group could find a set of events first, and allowed me to highlight nine different, important, series of events along the timeline. The adapted spreadsheet, racing sequences, and a short summative quiz are on this Toilet Paper Timeline spreadsheet.

I broke the class up into 4 groups of 4, and each group created their own timeline based on a handout. Then, I gave each group a slip of paper with four events on it (one event per student), and they had to race to see which group would be first to get one person to each event on the list.
2) This sequence emphasizes the fact that most free oxygen in the atmosphere comes from ocean plants (plankton especially), and that a lot of free atmospheric oxygen was needed to to form the ozone layer which protected the Earth’s surface from uv radiation, which made the land much more amenable to life.
4) The Cambrian explosion, where multicellular life really took off, happened pretty late in timeline. 5) Moving down the phylogenetic tree from mammals to humans shows the relationship between the tree and evolution over time. 7) Pointing out that life on land probably needed the magnetic field to protect from the solar wind (in addition to the ozone layer). The Worsley school in Canada has some nice pictures of the toilet paper being rolled out all the way down the hall.

Once each group got themselves sorted out, I took a few minutes to talk about why the events were important and how they were related. This allowed a discussion of theories of why the dinosaurs went extinct (disease, asteroid, mammals eating the eggs, volcanic eruption in Deccan) and how paleontologists might test the theories. The following day I gave the quiz, posted in the excel file, where they had to figure out which of two events came first, and the students did a decent job at that as well. When he is in training pants I am able to see when he is wet and have worked out a bit of a pattern. Otis is also very aware of when he needs to use the toilet (potty) but sometimes we don't make it in time.

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