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One- and two-year-olds love familiar toys and unstructured activities such as blocks, cars and trucks, dolls and doll clothes, clay and finger paint. With practice and gentle reminders two-year-old children can be taught and expected to choose and carry a lesson to a table or rug, work on one lesson at a time and return a lesson to its place when finished. In the properly prepared environment (where developmental needs are adequately met with interesting activities), toddlers often work on a lesson with focused concentration for long periods of time, repeating the activity again and again until they are satisfied. Montessori recommended a simple environment to offer children experiences in all of these areas. The following story demonstrates our need to recognize and understand the developmental tendencies of young children.
One day my two-year-old daughter came into the bathroom and started playing with a box of hair clips. For the next two weeks, almost every morning my little girl came in and repeated the same behavior. This story illustrates that the prepared environment includes the adult who recognizes the child’s needs and tendencies. I dont know about you, but i feel this year's winter has seemed to last longer than usual. When my younger children began playing with these new adapted bricks i realised we had created a categorisation game.

One- to three-year-old children enjoy and are capable of successfully participating in a large variety of Montessori-like lessons that are developmentally appropriate for their age and ability level.
Then suddenly, whatever cycle of development that needed exercise was finished and she stopped coming in for the morning ritual.
When we allow the child to repeat seemingly inconsequential actions stemming from a developmental need, we nurture optimal development. My four children have really needed to go outside and do outdoor activities only to have been thwarted by numb fingers and runny noses.
This post is in two parts and basically explains my stance on screentime and how myself and my husband handle it in a house with four children living in it.. Of course, all sorts of activities have happened but i have to admit, even as a Montessorian the one saving grace through this loooong period of cold has been Duplo lego.
We sat and browsed through a large mail order catalogue and selected different household objects, for example kettles, clocks, washing machines and cut them out of the catalogue and then stuck the images onto some larger pieces of lego with cellotape. It is this repetition that promotes independence, coordination, concentration and calm behavior, even in very young children. I realized, in awe, that the particular fingers my daughter was exercising were the ones she would soon use in learning to write.
F, my youngest son is almost three and i have never put him in front of a screen, meaning a television, a computer screen or any other electronic device.

My children are aged 7, 5, 2 and 1 and all of them have played with the Duplo separately or in different combinations of each other or even all together reasonably harmoniously.. These lego bricks could then be placed about the house in the various rooms that my children had built. However, you could argue that this is a more concrete, 3d version especially for the younger children.
He becomes better able to understand and show respect for others by using a quiet voice and not disturbing the work of others. It is important not to intervene when you observe your child concentrating on an activity, particularly to offer unnecessary assistance. She picked up each clip very carefully and put each one back into the box, using her thumb and first two fingers (the pincer grip). If you believe (in general) that two year olds cannot be trusted with real crockery please visit a Montessori community, please book in to visit your closest Montessori school and see it for yourself.

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