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I often get questions from people who are interested in getting Montessori training but have no idea where to start. Hopefully the overview presented below will give you some direction in where to start your search. If you are planning to teach in a Montessori school or start a Montessori program of your own,  you should get professional level training. There is no ranking system for Montessori training centers and no agreed-upon training that is considered the best. has a great article by Andrea Lulka with detailed suggestions on what to look for in a quality Montessori Teacher Education Program.
MACTE is a member of the Association of Specialized and Professional Accreditors (ASPA) and is recognized by the United States Department of Education (USDE).
The Association Montessori Internationale is an internationally respected organization and AMI diplomas are recognized at almost all Montessori schools. There are a few other respected, but smaller, organizations in the US that offer Montessori training. Important Note: If you plan to operate a home-based Montessori preschool, I recommend getting professional level training. If your child attends a Montessori school or you simply want to incorporate some Montessori principles into your home and life, then taking some time to read books about Montessori will be sufficient.
Maren Schmidt also has a wealth of free articles, webinars and newsletters that I highly recommend for Montessori parents.
If teaching is your passion and you love spending time with kids, opting to be a Montessori teacher is just the right thing to do. We at Daphne's International Teachers' Training Institute(DITTI), offer the most comprehensive and in depth understanding of teaching techniques formulated with a combination of Montessori, Kindergarten and Nursery methods.
She found that children, between their time of birth and six years of age had a tremendous ability to learn and assimilate from the world around them without a conscious effort.
Montessori teachers in a prepared environment are merely trained facilitators in the classroom exercising very little overt control. Montessori, Kindergarten and Nursery education system is a widely recognized approach that aims to groom and prepare the children in their prime age for education, and become well rounded individuals. Daphne's International Teacher's Training Institute (D I T T I) at Edapally,Kochi,Kerala is the only franchisee of our parent institution functioning at Bangalore, by the same name.The prestigious D I T T I Bangalore was founded by Ms.
An integrated approach is followed taking the best from the Montessori, Kindergarten and Nursery methods of preschool teacher education to achieve this goal.
Montessori Teacher Preparation of Washington’s (MTP of WA) onsite Kent classes have held accreditation status since 1993 by the Montessori Accreditation Council of Teacher Education (MACTE).
MTP of WA follows the guidelines given on the MACTE website for curriculum, staff, state licensing, hours of instruction, and policies.
Montessori Teacher Preparation of Washington is approved to grant I-20′s to qualified students.
Certification by the International Association of Progressive Montessori will be awarded to all graduates of the entire program. Academic certificate after all the academic course work of 34 written assignments and 10 albums has been completed.
MTP of WA teaching certificates will be awarded after all course work and internship requirements have been met.
Complete a registration form and return it to Montessori Teacher Preparation of Washington (MTP of WA) including a $100 non-refundable registration fee to process your enrollment papers. Official high school or university transcripts (grades) and copies of diplomas or certificates. Bank documents to show you can pay for your tuition and fees and your monthly living expenses. Promissory letter: I will bring sufficient funds to pay my tuition, books and all living expenses. If you are currently enrolled in or recently graduated from a college or university in the United States you must complete Transfer Verification Form in addition to the Registration Form.

Required books in English or Korean are available in the school office for under $100 (total) at the time of registration. If teaching is to be effective with young children, it must assist them to advance on the way to independence.
The School of Modern Montessori, which provides Montessori pre-primary and primary school education for children from 3 months to 12 years old.
Be aware that some Montessori training organisations are claiming to have international accreditation.
Accreditation: The full-time Montessori Teacher Training course is internationally accredited by MACTE (Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education). Accreditation: As with the full-time Montessori Teacher Training course, the part-time course is internationally accredited by MACTE (Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education). Montessori Teaching Practical and Observation are to be arranged by the student at their convenience.
The distance learning course was written in 1981 by internationally renowned Phyllis Wallbank and has been successfully completed by thousands of students throughout the world. Starting: Distance learners may begin their studies at any time of the year, and from any country in the world, from the convenience of their own home. We are established as a credible education provider, with considerable experience in early childhood education and development. Our schools provide well-equipped classroom and outdoor facilities in secure and picturesque environments. We strive to maintain low teacher-to-child instruction ratios so that your children get the individual attention they deserve. Our schools provide an all-inclusive education, extra-mural and supervisory solution that also includes meals, aftercare and holiday programmes. Practice classes, with the Montessori materials, will be held three times a week for 2 and a half hours.
Students in these practice classes will be placed in smaller groups and will handle the material and acquire the technique of its presentation.
Students will be sent for Practice Teaching for eight weeks to various Montessori schools in the city. Students will also be sent to observe children at work in a Montessori environment for thirteen weeks. Students at the RTI Montessori Training Course will be expected to submit written work at regular intervals during the course. Students will also be expected to prepare nomenclature cards for various subjects, a poetry anthology, a leaf folder, a development chart as well as samples of some of the materials. The written examination will consist of two papers, Paper A will be on child psychology and Paper B will be on the theory of the Montessori method. The practical examination will consist of the demonstration of the use of the apparatus after which students will have to answer questions relating to the apparatus. Registered students who for valid reasons fail to appear for the examinations on the scheduled dates at the appointed time may be given the opportunity to appear at the examinations held the following year thereafter. They will have to apply for this opportunity in writing with a full and acceptable explanation. Students granted permission to appear for re-examination in the two parts can do so the following year.
Students declared failed in the examination or in the re-examination will have to undergo another full course of training. The AMI Primary training course is aimed at training adults to work with children from ages 3-6 in a Montessori environment (classroom). The RTI Montessori Training Course is an intensive nine-month program, at the end of which successful candidates receive the internationally recognized AMI Primary diploma.
Join thousands of educators from around the world to get our latest activities and tips delivered to your email inbox and receive FREE access to our 30+ exclusive subscriber-only printables. Maria Montessori, an Italian doctor (the first women of her times to become a Medical doctor) developed her philosophy of education based upon actual observation of children.

She coined the term a€?the Absorbent Minda€? to describe this natural capacity of the mind to learn and its inherent receptivity to certain external stimuli. Maria Montessori used the term Prepared Environment to describe the match of right materials to the stages of childa€™s development. Their purpose is to stimulate the childa€™s enthusiasm for learning and to guide it without interfering with the childa€™s desire to teach herself and to become independent.
At our training centre, we have designed a specialized training programme that seamlessly integrates the three styles of pre-school education. Durgadevi Radhakrishnan (B.Sc, Dip & Adv Dip in Montessori Kindergarten & Nursery),Post Graduate Diploma in Pre-Primary Education, the course co-ordinator of D I T T I Palarivattom, is a dedicated disciple of Ms.
This accreditation allowed MTP of WA the opportunity to apply to the US Department of Homeland Security to grant I-20′s to qualified international students.
The proliferation of non-accredited courses by individuals and community colleges, plus the popularity of non-accredited courses for sale on the internet, makes MACTE accreditation all the more important. In the last few years, MTP of WA has granted hundreds of I-20′s to students from around the world, including China, Korea, India, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, the Philippines, Turkey, and Taiwan. You can rest assured that your child will grow, learn and play in beautiful and safe surroundings. You can rely on the professional expertise of our teachers and care givers to give your children the best possible academic and developmental foundation to unlock their potential and upon which all future learning can be based. During this time they will work directly with children under the supervision of a trained adult. This will include a synopsis of lectures and four material books containing descriptions of various parts of the materials, their aims and the technique of presenting them to the child.
In case of absence, students should notify the Director of Training in writing, at least one day ahead of time, stating their reasons precisely.
Only unrestricted public holidays declared by the Government of India in the State will be observed.
Encouraged to focus her attention on one particular quality, the child works at her own optimal level in an environment where beauty and orderliness are emphasized and appreciated. Their passion provides a loving and nurturing environment which is dedicated to your child's happiness. In case of illness students should submit a medical certificate from a registered practitioner stating the nature and duration of the illness. For example, during one sensitive period, children are especially receptive to developing sensory perception, during another; they are concerned with a sense of order in their environment and in yet another, their energies focus on coordination and control of movement.
She was the founder principal of Ujjval Vidhyalaya, The Alembic Glass Factory School at Whitefield for ten years. The institute itself is the result of the inspiration that she drew from her venerable mentor and the encouragement that she received from her. A Montessori teacher recognizes and takes advantages of these highly perceptive stages through the introduction of materials and activities which are specially designed to stimulate the intellect. Maria Montessori designed for the respective sensitive periods of learning were self-correcting and hence called auto-didactic apparatus. She has spent 28 years of her professional life, running pre-schools under the name a€?Happy Hoursa€?. A sense of dissatisfaction with the current state of pre-school teacher education systems in Kochi culminated in Ms.
A tireless workhorse, she has taken upon herself the daunting task of reforming the pre-school education system in this part of the country and transforming it to international standards.
That she is highly successful in her mission is evident from the fact that more than seven hundred aspiring teachers trained by her are now carrying on the good work at various institutions across the country.
Drawing from her vast experience of teaching, especially preschool children, the syllabus has been designed to train teachers to enable children to proceed to primary school with ease,confidence and success.

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