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Most parents look forward to the day they can throw that last diaper in the trash (along with their added expense).
I had heard that potty training boys was a lot harder than potty training girls, but that was not my experience. Anyway, I had heard that controlling your bladder and bowels at night is just something that will happen once their body is capable of doing it. I have used several different kinds of training pants but GoodNites Underwear seem to have the best coverage and have a fit just like regular underwear.
Krystle Cook - the creator of Home Jobs by MOM - put her psychology degree on a shelf and dived into a pile of diapers and dishes instead. I am not very experienced in the potty training are as my step children are moms of their own.
I don’t think they have lost their focus on the older kids but they are trying to make it more fun for the younger ones I guess.

When he is in training pants I am able to see when he is wet and have worked out a bit of a pattern.
My mission is to have my child used their secret weapon (GoodNites Underwear) to shield against nighttime bedwetting and report back with my successful mission’s happenings. They are tired of changing diapers and are ready for little ones to become big boys and girls that use the potty. He has yet to have a leak in these whereas in other training pants I’ve still had to wash those dreaded sheets.
My very good friend who has two boys and a girl said it was harder to potty train her boys but she relatively had an easy time.
I have been working from home for over 6 years, have two rambunctious boys, and a game loving husband. Otis is also very aware of when he needs to use the toilet (potty) but sometimes we don't make it in time.

My youngest is now in the phase of being well potty trained during the day but will still have nighttime accidents. Each child’s body is different  will learn to control their bladder and bowels while they are sleeping in their own time.
He loves the Spider-Man design (he was excited when I first showed them to him) and I love their great protection. If they have an accident (which they will) you just rush them to the potty each time and remind them to let you know when they have to go. They never had many day accidents although it took a little time for my youngest to get the number two thing down.

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