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In this Graeme McDowell lesson, the Northern Irishman gives his best green reading tips to help you hole more birdie putts. I’ve decided to post these newsletters here each month for teachers would would like to send them home to their students. Just as the group is about to leave, they hear a terrible fight taking place between the pirates and the Native Americans. In some ways, I guess you could say I have spoiled my students with great literature because on the days we don’t read at least one chapter I see their disappointed expressions. Since these two projects were so successful, I created additional units based on picture books as well as short stories. Check out 26 years of analyzed data from the National Centers for Environmental Information to see just how accurate Punxsutawney Phil really is. Project Groundhog is about finding out if a groundhog predicting an early spring or extended winter is myth or truth. Because Peter Pan has saved Tiger Lily’s life, the Native Americans are friendly toward the Lost Boys.

Peter rides in the bird nest to the shore and actually bets Wendy back  to their cavern home.
Recent CommentsColleen on Teaching Students to Write a Narrative ~ Study CarrelWayne Golian on Ten Interesting Facts . I began to think about this “problem” and decided that I could teach skills with short, well-known stories my students knew and loved. I mix these in with my novel studies to “shake things up a bit.” They have been extremely popular with my students. The full units are 5 days long with approximately 1200 to 1500 words [about 10 minutes] of reading daily. This website has an easy to follow tutorial explaining how to assemble these adorable cookies. For the six weeks following Groundhog Day, February 2nd,  you will record the daily temperature and sky conditions in your area. Popper had the idea of training the penguins to perform for an audience to earn money.  They moved the piano down to the cellar.

The students wrote their facts on lined sticky notes. Students then created this simple penguin from construction paper. Because they are so thankful, the Native Americans stay above the Lost Boy’s cavern home and guard it from the pirates.
The anchor chart was quick and easy to make, and the students were super proud of the finished product. This project covered so many skills, namely non-opinion writing, text features, and technology. This activity took place years ago before I started an educational blog or was creating materials for Teachers pay Teachers. Popper played three different pieces of music. The penguins were trained to perform a certain act when each piece of music was played on the piano.

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